How to Do What You Love & Earn What You’re Worth as a Programmer

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Reg "Raganwald" Braithwaite has been working as a professional software developer since 1986, in roles ranging from Sorceror's Apprentice to Vice-President, Development. This fashionably slim book collects his very best essays about finding and building success as a professional software developer (34 pages).

I read @raganwald's "Do what you love" eBook in a single sitting. Purchase and read it if you haven't already.—Karthik Hariharan, @hkarthink

...Best freelance advice i ever got was from @raganwald 10 years ago, at Starbucks: "Some people aren't qualified to be your clients"Derek Martin

Manufactured from nearly 100% recycled blog posts.

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Table of Contents

    • Preface
  • Making Career Choices
    • Why You Need a Degree to Work For BigCo
    • No Disrespect
    • Interlude: You and Your Research
    • How to get your first job developing software
    • I heard you twice the first time
    • The single most important thing you must do to improve your programming career
  • Interviews (and Job Hunting)
    • Canadian Women Are Waiting For You
    • The Mother of All Interview Questions
    • My favourite interview question
    • Interlude: Idiocracy
    • Take control of your interview
    • Are you thinking of working for a start up?
    • Should you submit your resumé through a recruiter?
    • Disclosing your compensation
  • About The Author

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