Divergent Streams Kyle Bylin 著 [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Divergent Streams
Divergent Streams
Divergent Streams

Last updated on 2013-05-27

About the Book

Are streaming music services, such as Pandora and Spotify, making a good enough effort to help artists find fans? What are the challenges faced by today’s independent musician? Does the digital album have a future?

Divergent Streams is a collection of essays written by influential executives, startup founders, and thinkers in the music industry. It explores the revenue streams of the musicians who bring music into our world and how technology changed the way in which we discover their songs. It explores the failures of social music and what the ultimate listening experience might be. It explores the live music sector and what opportunities lie ahead.

The 'new music business' has diverged from the old into uncharted territory. Use this collection as your guide to navigating this new digital world and understanding the disruptive forces shaping the modern music industry.

About the Content

Read Brenna Ehrlich (O Music Awards) on the new artist initiatives at subscription services • Matt Urmy (Artist Growth) on creating an empowered future for musicians • Jason Herskowitz (Tomahawk) on how to fix music sharing and save the online music market • Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic) on why artists must rethink the album release • Jay Frank (DigSin) on the three most profitable DIY revenue streams • Alicia Yaffe (Spellbound Group) on how to make freemium pay • Marc Ruxin (TastemakerX) on the game of music discovery • Aaron Tap (Matt Nathanson) on the future of the album • Emily White (WVAU) on the potential of lyrics. . . and many others.

About the Editor

Kyle Bylin
Kyle Bylin

Kyle Bylin is the founder and editor of sidewinder.fm, a music and technology think tank. He is spearheading the development of the Ultimate Chart and related product strategy at Live Nation Labs, a division of the company that develops websites and mobile apps.

Alongside e-commerce expert Jason Spitz, he also co-hosts The Upward Spiral, a bi-weekly music industry podcast.

Prior to Live Nation Labs, he was the Editor of Hypebot.com, a leading trade publication, as well as Social/Streaming Chart Manager and Contributing Editor at Billboard Magazine.

Twitter: @sidewinderfm Email: kyle.bylin at gmail.com

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