Digitally Disruptive
Digitally Disruptive
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Digitally Disruptive

Last updated on 2015-06-16

About the Book

About the Editor

Gideon O. Burton
Gideon O. Burton

Dr. Gideon Burton is Asst. Professor of English at Brigham Young University where he teaches and researches rhetoric, digital culture, and online communication.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: History’s Relevance to Digital Disruption
    • Disruption Isn’t New
    • Disrupting How Knowledge is Shared and Evolved
  • Moving Backwards with the Internet
    • The internet remembers everything
    • Rumors about vaccines and autism
    • The printing press invents virality
    • The internet vs the printing press
  • Let’s Not Disrupt Child Labor
    • How is child labor practiced and supported today?
    • The rise of child labor
    • What would it take to disrupt child labor?
  • Disruptive Identities
    • Changing frames of reference
    • Rise of identity
    • Multiple identities and frames of reference
    • Rejecting the one-frame world
  • Fashioning Your Identity
    • Enslavement to an Icon in the 1920s
    • The Digital Age: a changing frame of reference
    • A new market is born
    • The democratization of fashion: cultural implications
    • The turning point
  • Digital Identity Subjected to Social Darwinism
    • Identity: The colonizers and the colonized
    • A globalized and diversified identity
    • Identity: the “adaptable people” and the “masses”
    • A globalized but disruptive identity
  • Blood In Our Eyes: How Violence Unites and Divides Our Identities
    • Violence unites us
    • How violence divides us
    • Violence: a sanitized catalyst for identity
  • Standard Fare: Establishing the Digital Classroom
    • What are open educational resources?
    • What would the benefits be?
    • Why is standardization important?
    • What would a digital classroom look like?
  • Whack-A-Pirate: The Economic Game of Digital Piracy
    • The face of digital piracy
    • Pirates then, pirates now
    • Digital disruptive scurvy
    • Woodes Rogers, pirate exterminator extraordinaire
    • Stopping digital piracy
  • THE CROWD 2.0
  • Democracy 2.0
    • What is broadcast search crowdsourcing?
    • Crowd collaboration in the Enlightenment
    • Crowdsourcing and Enlightenment-level disruption
  • Reformation 2.0
    • Crowdsourcing and collaboration in the digital age
    • What was Reformation 1.0?
    • The participatory culture of Reformation 2.0
    • Disrupting ideas from the past
  • ART
  • Artistic Expression in a Digital World
    • A digital wrecking ball
    • A history of rejection
    • After the dust settles
    • Embracing the Future
  • Patrons of the Digital Renaissance
    • Art in the digital age
    • Theory of the Long Tail
    • Artists and patrons during the renaissance
    • Digital patronage today
    • Patron’s provide validation and structure
  • Afterword

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