Modern Enterprise Web Applications
Modern Enterprise Web Applications
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Modern Enterprise Web Applications

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About the Book

If you thought all the web start ups get to use the new cool tools and frameworks, then you are wrong. They are more similar to enterprise organisations than you would think. Both the cool start ups and enterprise suffer from similar problems; ever changing requirements, tight deadlines and a very tight budget to boot. By using the same tools and frameworks and utilizing methodologies such as agile and lean, it is now easier than ever to get an application from specification into the end users hands in no time at all.

Now that would make the CEO very happy.

About the Author

Garry Pilkington
Garry Pilkington

Garry is an enterprise web developer with over 10 years experience of creating applications for the UK health, education and logistics sectors.

Working predominantly with the Microsoft .Net stack, he works with ASP.Net MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, as well as back end technologies such as c#, Windows 2012 and SQL Server.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Current Modern Web Development for Enterprises
    • Microsoft .Net
    • Problems with Current Enterprise Applications
    • Buying In or Bespoke Development
  • Chapter 2: Data Gathering
    • Using Ubiquitous Language
    • Mapping User Domain Language to System Domain Language
    • Simplify Abbreviations
    • Documentation Under Version Control
    • Using the Domain Natural Language to Generate a Specification using SpecFlow
    • System settings and configuration
    • Key Stakeholders
    • User Stories
  • Chapter 3: Development Methodologies
    • Fast Development Using Agile and Lean
    • Joining up Agile and Lean
    • Minimum Viable Product
    • Get It Out There Fast
    • Build-Measure-Learn
    • Validated Learning
    • Scrum Framework
    • Estimating the work
    • Daily stand-ups
    • Role of the Scrum master
    • Separate Out Back End For Reuse - Or Introduce Service Layers
  • Chapter 4: Tools and Frameworks
    • Front End Frameworks
    • Modernizr
    • Initializr
    • Model View Controller (MVC)
    • Model View Presenter (MVP)
    • MV* Frameworks
    • Setting up a base image for software development
    • Logging Exceptions As Well As Usage
  • Chapter 5: Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Test Driven Development
    • A/B Testing (Split Testing)
    • End User Testing
    • Selenium
  • Chapter 6: Deployment
    • Continuous Integration
    • Creating a Continuous Build with TeamCity
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Website Optimization

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