A Beginner's Guide to Deploying Rails
A Beginner's Guide to Deploying Rails
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A Beginner's Guide to Deploying Rails

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Last updated on 2015-06-16

About the Book

Most tutorials just settle with teaching you how to deploy your Rails apps to Heroku. This is unfortunate, since you're missing out on so many things when you don't know how to setup your own server from scratch.

This book will guide you as you take your first steps into deploying your projects on bare VPSs.

Half of the book is free to download and read online; it covers just enough for you to deploy your app.

About the Author

Bryan Bibat
Bryan Bibat

Hi, I'm Bryan Bibat and I'm a software engineer based in Taguig City, Philippines. I have 10 years of experience in developing software, mainly web applications.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Beyond Heroku
    • Who is this book for?
  • Practicing for Linux Deployment
    • Setting up a practice VirtualBox Virtual Machine
    • Additional Sever Setup
  • Overview of Web Application Server Systems
    • Serving Static and Dynamic Web Content
    • How to Serve Content from Ruby Applications
  • Installing Phusion Passenger
    • Installing Ruby
    • Installing nginx + Passenger
  • Deploying Ruby Web Applications to Passenger
    • A Quick Look at nginx Server Settings
    • Deploying a Simple Sinatra App
    • Deploying a Simple Rails App
  • Redeploying Rails Apps on Passenger
    • Modifying the Rails App
    • Adding File Upload with Carrierwave
    • Simplifying Deployment with Mina
  • Deploying on a VPS
    • Overview of Popular VPS Providers
    • Setting Up Your Custom Domain
  • Miscellaneous Notes
    • Improving Serving of Assets
    • Sending Mail via Postfix
    • Rotating Logs
    • Scheduling Jobs
  • A Completely Different Stack
    • Ruby: using rbenv instead of Brightbox packages
    • Server: Using Puma instead of Passenger
    • Process management: Upstart instead of init
    • Secrets: Environment Variables instead of hardcoded files
    • Deployment: Capistrano instead of Mina
  • Further Complicating our New Stack
    • Elasticsearch and Searchkick
    • ActiveJob, Redis, and Sidekiq
  • Your next steps
    • Automated Provisioning - Ansible
    • Lightweight Containers - Docker

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