Densytics: Physics Without Newtonian Branding
Densytics: Physics Without Newtonian Branding
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Densytics: Physics Without Newtonian Branding

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Last updated on 2015-07-30

About the Book

Densytics is physics without Newtonian branding.

About the Author

Ahmet Zeynel
Ahmet Zeynel

Ahmet Zeynel is the author of this book. He also writes this blog: 

Table of Contents

  • 1. About
  • 2. Principles of Densytics
  • 3. Contract of Definitions
  • 4. Astronomical Computations in Newton’s Principia
  • 5. Kepler’s Rule is the definition of density
  • 6. Kepler’s Rule and Newton’s Laws
  • 7. How did Newton spin rotation into orbits
  • 8. A Summary of previous chapters
  • 9. Newton’s true discovery
  • 10. Newton’s zeroeth law
  • 11. Density continuum replaces matterful discontinuity
  • 12. Tragicomical history of Newton’s universal constant of gravitation
  • 13. Li of Physics
  • 14. The Rule
  • 15. A world without matter
  • 16. Standard is the thing
  • 17. Questioning the Reified Reality of Physics
  • 18. Observations disprove Newtonian materialism
  • 19. Materialism and the matterless world
  • 20. Love over Law: On Human Emancipation as a Species
  • 21. Your Evil Symbiont
  • 22. Computation of Lagrange point L1
  • 23. Jane Doe v. Board Of Education of the City of New York
  • 24. Google’s Calico and human well-being
  • 25. The world is powered by Newton’s Soul
  • 26. The Loaded balance of physics
  • 27. A critique of Newton’s law of universal gravitation
  • 30. Newton’s definition of density
  • 31. Beware of the professional
  • 32. Scenes from the Trial of Newtonism
  • 40. How to philosophize with a physics equation
  • 35. Hawking’s scientific revolution
  • 38. Cosmology as Shamanism
  • 37. The cult of Newton in the classroom
  • 39. Definitions

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