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How to Unlock Your Organization's Potential

About the Book

Are you worried that your team's software products and solutions don't quite meet customer and business needs? Are you frustrated that despite the team's hard work, they keep falling behind, and the needles aren't moving enough? Or are things okay, but you can tell there's a lot of untapped potential?

You know that something needs to change in the way your organization carries out product development or solution delivery. However, with the overwhelming wealth of advice available these days, you might be unsure of what exactly to change and how, or worried about spending a lot of time and effort but seeing little improvement.

It turns out that only 10 strategies are needed to sustainably optimize value delivery, whether it's product-oriented or project-oriented, traditional or agile or hybrid, single-team or scaled.

These strategies are sequential and incremental, and your operating model likely implements some of them already. You need to employ only two or three at a time to level up. In this book, you'll discover which ones to apply now and how to execute them.

This practical guide gets straight to the point so you can start delivering greater customer and business value now.

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About the Author

Gil Broza
Gil Broza

Gil Broza specializes in helping tech leaders deliver far better results by upgrading their Agile ways of working. He also supports their non-software colleagues in creating real business agility in their teams. He has helped almost 100 large and small, private- and public-sector organizations achieve real, sustainable improvements by working with their unique contexts and focusing on mindset, culture, and leadership. Previously, Gil worked as a development manager, team leader, and programmer for many years, successfully applying Agile methods since 2001. He has served as a regular writer for the prestigious magazine (a PMI publication) and as a track chair for the Agile 2009, 2010, and 2016 conferences. He regularly gives keynotes and interactive talks at conferences worldwide.

Throughout his career, Gil has focused on human characteristics that prevent positive outcomes in teams and organizations. These include limiting habits, fear of change, outdated beliefs, and blind spots, among many others. In helping teams and leaders overcome these factors, he supports them in reaching ever-higher levels of performance, confidence, and accomplishment. In 2012, he published The Human Side of Agile, the definitive guide to leading Agile teams. In 2015, he published The Agile Mind-Set, helping practitioners and leaders alike master the Agile approach and make their ways of working truly effective. And in 2019, he published Agile for Non-Software Teams to help managers consider, design, start, and cultivate Agile ways of working in non-software functions.

Gil provides services for establishing effective ways of working and improving value delivery. Companies also invite Gil for specialized support, such as facilitating organizational mindset workshops, delivering keynote at internal conferences, and leading sessions with executives. See his current offerings at

Table of Contents

    • Book Description
    • Introduction
    • Read This First
    • Chapter 1: The Big Picture
      • Determine the scope of your value delivery system
      • Assess your system’s current fitness for purpose
      • How to improve fitness
      • The 10 strategies for leveling up
      • Fitness doesn’t stay constant
      • What to read next
    • Chapter 2: Understanding Systems of Value Delivery
      • System thinking
      • Managing a system
      • Way of working
      • Culture
      • People-first vs. process-first
    • Chapter 3: Leading Fitness Improvements
      • Leadership
      • Looking after the way of working
      • Helping people with change
      • Proactive behaviors for leading fitness improvements
    • Chapter 4: Executing the Improvement Strategies
      • Ready, willing, and able
      • A pathway for each strategy
    • Chapter 5: Going from Level 1 to 2
      • Strategy 1a: Manage the project portfolio
      • Strategy 1b: Design the way of working
    • Chapter 6: Going from Level 2 to 3
      • Strategy 2a: Sort out decision-making
      • Strategy 2b: Stabilize the system
    • Chapter 7: Going from Level 3 to 4
      • Strategy 3a: Increase safety, teamwork, and collaboration
      • Strategy 3b: Defer commitments and increase release frequency
      • Strategy 3c: Engage teams in planning
    • Chapter 8: Going from Level 4 to 5
      • Strategy 4a: Expand team ownership
      • Strategy 4b: Improve decision-making
      • Strategy 4c: Reduce the technical cost of change
    • Conclusion
    • Appendix A: The story of a journey from Level 1 to 4 in 10 months
    • Appendix B: Agile transformations/journeys and this book’s model
    • Appendix C: Further Reading
    • Acknowledgments
    • Notes
    • Meet Gil Broza

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