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Last updated on 2017-06-08

About the Book

This book is about how to achieve constistent delivery (and avoid disaster).

The four core sections are

  • The Delivery - How to ensure a clear closure of your project. Deliver with a bang - don't sizzle and die.
  • The Team - How to build a world-class team of the guys you have.
  • The Matrix - Operating in the political force-field in international companies/organizations.
  • The Project Manager - Which project is the right project for you? Zooming in on value alignment and choices.

The project management principles are illustrated with real-life stories from projects all over the world. You get to hear about the leadership collisions in Moscow, the secretive engineer in Shanghai and the surprising request to "Eat less cakes!".

In the book you also find interviews with world-leading international project leaders from different industries, sharing their best tips.

About the Author

Goran Christiansson
Goran Christiansson

International Project Manager Goran Christiansson (PhD) has worked at industry leading companies in several countries across the globe (Digital Equipment, Ericsson, Delphi, SKF). Fluent in five languages, he understands what is going on under the surface and generously shares his stories from real life encounters.

Christiansson is passionately contributing to a sustainable civilization in all senses - both from an environmental side and from a social/human side. This book is part of his efforts to reduce waste and improve collaboration. These insights can help you to be more successful in creating sustainable value and to have more fun.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • The Fantastic Feeling of Delivery
    • Project Pitfalls
    • Your Value Base
    • Reader’s Guide
    • Example Stories
    • Privacy and Names
    • Additional Material
  • The Delivery
    • Done!
    • … or not done?
    • Delivery Package
    • What’s in the delivery? Was this what we agreed on?
    • False Progress
    • Celebrate
    • What’s left - Sustainable Value
  • The Team
    • Your Team - the Ones who Make it Happen
    • Get the Right People on the Bus
    • Communication is Critical
    • Cross-Cultural Confusion
    • Culture and Teams
    • Culture and Symbols
    • Language Barrier
    • Physical Distance
    • Motivation
    • Multisite Nightmares
  • The Matrix
    • The Force Field
    • The Formal Organization - Governance
    • The Informal Organization - The Invisible Power Structures
    • Deviations and Decisions
    • Steering Committee Meetings
    • Your Influence
    • Commitment and Ownership
    • Perception of Time
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Visibility
  • The Project Leader
    • The Right Project for You
    • Why do You Run Projects?
    • Your Needs vs. Company Needs
    • Misalignment gives Mediocrity
    • Organizational Alignment - Are You at the Right Place?
    • Build Value Alignment - Start with Your Boss
    • Challenge and Grow
  • Conclusions
    • The Challenge
    • You Proact
    • Next Steps
  • Tools and Templates
    • Team Tools
    • Planning Tools
    • Meeting Templates
    • Stakeholder Map
  • Notes

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