Data Dump
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Data Dump

Insider Advice from Experienced Software Professionals

About the Book

Getting started in programming can be daunting. Data Dump: Insider Advice from Experienced Software Professionals offers proven advice to help accelerate your software development journey. With a wide variety of diverse perspectives from over 50 software professionals, it’s packed with useful lessons, including how to get started programming, tips on finding a great coding job, ways to stand out in software job interviews, how to avoid common coding mistakes, and much more.

Whether you’re considering diving into coding, or you’re an experienced programmer looking to revitalize your programming passion, Data Dump has something to offer. Sprinkled with bite-sized lessons from over 50 experienced software engineers, you’re sure to pick up some helpful new ideas.

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About the Author

Joe Peck
Joe Peck

Joe Peck has over 15 years of software engineering experience, from startups as small as 3 people all the way up to companies with over 17,000 employees. He's currently a software engineer at Spreedly, a rapidly growing fin-tech startup.

Joe loves helping others get started in coding, and hopes this book can provide the boost of confidence someone needs to successfully dive into a software development career! He currently lives with his wife and three young kids in North Carolina.


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Table of Contents

  • Hello, World!
  • Diversity of Perspectives
  • The Questions
    • What’s a change you’ve made in the past couple years that’s helped you in work, life, or both?
    • What book would you give to someone starting off in software?
    • How did you get your first software job, and would you recommend a similar path for someone looking to get into programming now?
    • What do you look for in a teammate or when hiring a programmer for your team?
    • What’s a red flag for you when considering a new co-worker?
    • How do you stay up-to-date on new languages and technologies?
    • What’s something you’ve struggled with in your career?
    • What’s something you’ve recently learned that you wish you’d known back when you first started in software?
    • What advice would you give to an aspiring developer? What advice would you tell them to ignore?
    • What’s an unusual habit or superstition you have with programming?
    • What’s something that surprised you about programming?
    • What do you look for in a potential workplace? What are some bad signs in a potential employer?
    • Proudest moment in your programming career? Anything from a well-planned achievement to a frantic diagnosis and fix of a dastardly error.
    • What do you like to listen to while coding?
  • The Survey’s Ready; Now What?
  • Survey Responses
  • Lori Baumgartner
  • Tyler Amos
  • Blake Perdue
  • Brittany Hayes
  • Daniel Ingraham
  • Robbie Allen
  • Marla Hoggard
  • Brian Clee
  • Matt Superdock
  • Joseph Ravenwolfe
  • Nope #1
  • Michaux Kelley
  • Ana Ulin
  • Henry Zhu
  • Zack “Coop” Cooper
  • Cody Braun
  • Chris Allen-Poole
  • Brian Sewell
  • Andrea Gossett
  • David Ivy
  • Greg Kenenitz
  • Nope #2
  • Paul Stanley
  • Dan Salo
  • Adam Stasio
  • Hannah Deters
  • Michael Simpson
  • Aaron Newcomer
  • Anne Johnson
  • Jefferson Neel
  • Nick Passarella
  • Pierre Lebrun
  • Nope #3
  • Paul Friedman
  • Rachel Tublitz
  • Roie Levin
  • Tim Pile
  • Edward Anderson
  • Derick Hitchcock
  • Nick Haynes
  • Robert Tillery
  • Ganesh Bonala
  • Stephanie Fenton
  • Nope #4
  • Zach Porter
  • Emir Ibrahimbegovic
  • Thanh “” Nguyen
  • Eric Pfahl
  • Keethan Kleiner
  • Mason Matthews
  • Michael Stalker
  • David Pell
  • John Hegele
  • Tim Liu
  • Nope #5
  • Corinne Henk
  • Advice Recap
  • Changes You Can Make to Help You Right Now
    • Exercise!
    • Sleep
    • Step Back and Take a Break
    • Make a Plan
  • How To Get Your First Software Job
    • Just Make Something!
    • Get Your Foot in the Door
    • Code Schools and Bootcamps
    • Networking
    • Ask Questions!
  • Three Things to Demonstrate in an Interview
    • Soft Skills Matter!
    • Passion for Learning
    • Technical Competence
  • Three Things to Avoid Showing During an Interview
    • Bad Personality
    • Job Hopping
    • No Drive to Learn
  • How to Stay Up-to-date on Languages and Technologies
    • Networking (again)
    • Let the Information Come to You
    • Go Get the Information
  • Be Wary of these Common Software Developer Struggles
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Work-Life Balance (Avoid Burnout)
    • Finding Meaning in Work
  • Advice Experienced Programmers Wish They’d Known Long Ago
    • Maintainability Matters
    • Clear, Constant Communication
    • Perfection isn’t Necessary
    • Think Positive
  • Three Things that Might Surprise You About Software Development
    • How Easy To It Is To Get Into
    • How Little Actual Coding There Might Be
    • How Fun It Is
  • Epilogue
    • Thankee
    • Feedback
  • Recommended Resources
    • Recommended Books
    • Recommended Websites
    • Recommended Newsletters
    • Recommended Podcasts
  • Notes

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