hygienic darkroom retreat
hygienic darkroom retreat
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hygienic darkroom retreat

Last updated on 2019-03-11

About the Book

~~~ a complete manual ~~~

Hygienic darkroom retreating consists of resting in an absolutely dark room for days, alone, with food. Why do this? To restore conditions of psychic balance, giving refuge from the sensory over-stimulation of civilized existence.

This seemingly trivial contrast can lead to a remarkable and lasting restoration of your well-being, making the darkroom a powerful tool.

The book explains why a retreat works, how to do it, and how to make a darkroom. It includes detailed instructions to attain these effects in your own home.

~~~ toward a hygienic psychology ~~~

Neither spiritual nor disciplined, therapeutic nor medicinal, this is the first approach to darkness—and psychology—based on hygiene. Much more than mere cleanliness, hygiene remains history’s most influential approach to health. Hygiene taught the modern world appreciation for the self-preserving nature of life and all its normal conditions: fresh air, ample sleep, pure food, frequent bathing and exercise, etc.

Hygiene has long succeeded in caring for the self-healing body. With darkness, hygiene now has an equally effective way of caring for the self-healing soul.

About the Author

Andrew Durham
Andrew Durham

Born in Twin Falls, Idaho, Mr Durham traveled America for 21 years searching for the cause of joy. He independently studied philosophy, health, and design. He tested his findings by living outside, doing odd jobs, playing music, and building alternative shelter.

In 2008, his quest culminated in the darkness conjecture, a concept of the restful use of darkness in support of the self-healing psyche. He spent the next five years proving the concept, documenting his work at andrewdurham.com, and building and operating darkrooms in Guatemala and Sweden. He writes, speaks, and consults on everything related to Hygienic darkroom retreating.

Table of Contents

  • notes
  • blurb
    • relief, rest, recovery
    • toward a hygienic psychology
  • foreword
  • preface
  • introduction
    • basics
    • background
    • application
  • 1 - hygiene
    • essence
    • rest
    • history
    • laws of life
  • 2 - darkroom retreat
    • elements
    • darkness
    • distinctions
    • mechanics
  • 3 - psychology
    • intro
    • pathology
    • trauma
    • psychosis
    • cataclysm
    • hygienic psychology
    • conclusion
  • 4 - format
    • sleep
    • retreat
    • warning
    • future
  • 5 - protocol
    • mechanics
    • attitude
    • experience
    • difficulty
    • aftermath
    • summary
  • 6 - prepare
    • register
    • menu
    • bring
  • 7 - design
    • normal
    • start
    • types
    • standards
    • facility
    • quiet
    • round
  • 8 - make
    • metric
    • tools
    • plans
    • fabricate
  • 9 - air
    • ventilation
    • lightproof
    • soundproofing
    • machines
  • 10 - darkness
    • sleeping mask
    • door seal
    • blinds
  • 11 - water
    • sink
    • toilet
    • bath
    • conclusion
  • faq
    • mechanics
    • concerns
    • objections
  • appendix - laws of life
    • criticism
  • bibliography and influences
  • acknowledgments
  • license
  • services
    • writing
    • speaking
    • consulting
    • design-build
  • bio
    • contact
  • Notes

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