hygienic darkroom retreat
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hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self-healing psyche

About the Book

relief, rest, recovery

Miracles are real:

  • instant relief from distress and overstimulation
  • profound rest from exhaustion
  • complete recovery from illness and injury

All occur in hygienic darkroom retreat: extended rest in total darkness. Healing super-intensifies. Energy and function are restored. Clarity, strength, and joy reappear. The lost self returns.

This complete manual explains why a retreat works, how to do it, and how to make a darkroom at home. It shows that miracles are easy. Simply provide their conditions.

toward a hygienic psychology

Indigenous and spiritual traditions have used physical darkness for millennia. This is the first approach to darkness—and psychology—based on hygiene. Not just cleanliness, hygiene is the science of health. Hygiene recognizes the self-preserving nature of life and all its normal conditions: fresh air, ample sleep, pure food, frequent bathing and exercise, etc. Darkness enables the full application of its principles to the organic system of the psyche.

Hygiene began to show nature’s way to industrial civilization in 1832. Worldwide massive improvements in public health followed. Benefits continue for billions who never see doctors or even understand the terminology. Hygiene is history’s most influential approach to health.

A hygienic darkroom retreat provides all conditions of profound rest. These are normal conditions, perfected and temporarily extended, as in fasting. The psyche heals itself autonomically of even the worst that life deals us. The result: reliable miracles.

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About the Author

Andrew Durham
Andrew Durham

Born 1971, Twin Falls, Idaho. From age 16, I searched for the cause of joy. I independently studied philosophy, health, and design. I tested my findings while traveling America, living outside or in small groups, doing odd jobs, playing music, and building alternative shelter.

In 2008, my quest culminated in the darkness conjecture, a concept of the restful use of darkness in support of the self​-healing psyche. Since then, I have been:

  • proving the concept
  • designing and building darkrooms and supporting retreats in Guatemala, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Czech Republic
  • giving lectures and consulting for readers
  • refining and documenting my work at darkroomretreat.com

Now I seek a way to fully apply it in a 20-day retreat in order to heal from my own psychophysical illness.

Table of Contents

    • blurb
    • notes
    • foreword
    • preface
    • introduction
      • basics
      • background
      • application
  • part 1: hygienic
    • 1 - hygiene
      • essence
      • rest
      • history
      • laws of life
    • 2 - darkroom retreat
      • elements
      • darkness
      • distinctions
      • mechanics
    • 3 - psychology
      • intro
      • pathology
      • trauma
      • psychosis
      • cataclysm
      • hygienic psychology
  • part 2: retreat
    • 4 - format
      • sleep
      • retreat
      • future
    • 5 - protocol
      • mechanics
      • attitude
      • experience
      • difficulty
      • aftermath
    • 6 - prepare
      • register
      • questionnaire
      • menu
      • bring
  • part 3: darkroom
    • 7 - design
      • normal
      • start
      • types
      • standards
      • facility
      • quiet
      • round
    • 8 - make
      • metric
      • tools
      • plans
      • fabricate
    • 9 - air
      • ventilation
      • lightproof
      • soundproofing
      • machines
    • 10 - darkness
      • sleeping mask
      • door seal
      • blinds
    • 11 - water
      • sink
      • toilet
      • bath
    • faq
      • mechanics
      • concerns
      • objections
    • bibliography and influences
    • acknowledgments
    • services
      • writing
      • speaking
      • consulting
      • design-build
    • license
    • participate
    • bio
      • contact
  • Notes

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