D3 on AngularJS by Ari Lerner et al. [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
D3 on AngularJS
D3 on AngularJS
D3 on AngularJS

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Last updated on 2014-06-06

About the Book

D3 is a powerful library for creating data visualizations for the web. With it, you can create compelling visual presentations of your data while writing relatively little code.

In combination with AngularJS, the two can be used to create highly sophiticated, dynamic and interactive data visualizations.

The book covers an introdution to D3, addressing its major concepts and features, as well as  how to integrate D3 with AngularJS to make resuable, configurable, and dynamic visualizations. An emphasis is placed on screenshots and live code examples linked to from within the text.

But don't just take our word for it. Have a look at some of the examples the authors have created utilizing the combination of D3 and AngularJS.

Visual explanation of conditional probability

Visual walk through of Euclid's proof of the Pythagorean theorem

Visual explanation of Simpson's paradox

How the drought is shrinking California’s reservoirs

About the Authors

Ari Lerner
Ari Lerner

Ari Lerner is a Founder of FullStack, a full-stack engineering and development shop that works with all parts of the stack. He enjoys all parts of the development ecosystem, from infrastructure deployment through to front-end application development and optimization. He co-manages defnewsletter.com and ng-newsletter.com. He lives in the sunny part of San Francisco.

Follow him on Github: @auser or Twitter: @auser

Victor Powell
Victor Powell

Victor Powell is a freelance data visualization developer. Prior to freelance, Victor built data visualization tools with YinzCam, Inc. used by NFL, NHL, and NBA sports teams. In his free time, Victor enjoys finding ways to explaining unintuitive or complex mathematical concepts visually. Victor also guest instructs at Hack Reactor.

Follow him on Github: @vicapow or Twitter: @vicapow

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