How to create pragmatic… by Federico Tomassetti [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
How to create pragmatic, lightweight languages
How to create pragmatic, lightweight languages
How to create pragmatic, lightweight languages

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Completed on 2017-06-07

About the Book

This book shows how we can reuse existing libraries and frameworks to create all the ecosystem necessary to support our languages.

The cost of building all the machinery to proper support a language used to be very high. Today with a limited effort we can design a language and obtain:

  • a fast parser from a concise grammar definition
  • validation and model transformations with very few code
  • generate JVM bytecode and get interoperability with other JVM languages
  • obtain rich editors with syntax highlighting and autocompletion

We will see how to build all of this and more by defining small components in a smart way. The result will be something solid, complete and understandable.

About the Author

Federico Tomassetti
Federico Tomassetti

I am a Consultant Software Architect specialized in Language Engineering: I build languages, editors, parsers, compilers, interpreters and simulators. You can read regular posts on my blog on language engineering.

I have an insane passion about Software Development: I love it since I was 8 years old and I keep thinking about it all the time. I have done several things: got my PhD in Software Engineering, done research and worked in Italy, Germany, Ireland and France. I spoke at meetups and scientific conferences, wrote papers and article, worked for TripAdvisor and Groupon.

I contribute heavily to open-source and spend my time thinking about software development and looking for the next challenge. So far I had an incredible amount of fun and I have no intention to stop any time soon.

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