Crash Your 2k Erg Score
Crash Your 2k Erg Score
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Crash Your 2k Erg Score

Last updated on 2013-03-13

About the Book

Finally, discover how to Crash Your 2k erg score. Using a real, proven, straight talking style this book spells out how to become the best rower you can be. It contains authorative articles from in one downloadable eBook (PDF, ePUB and Mobi).

Crashing a big 2k Erg Score begins with knowledge in how you approach the erg. This book will show you how to start:

  • Finding the optimal Technical Rowing Excellence for your particular body size
  • Gaining a Huge Physical Fitness Engine
  • Attaining Rock Solid Mental Strength
  • Devising Proper Effective Race Strategies (for your fitness and body type)
  • Training Correctly and Recovering Faster
  • Avoiding Injury
  • Learning to Peak Properly for Major Races and Erg Tests

Important: You will not find run-of-the-mill textbook advice in this book. This is real, tried-and-tested rowing advice only for rowers looking to crash their 2k erg score.

If that's you, then this book is for you.

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About the Author

Brandy Mulligan
Brandy Mulligan

Brandy Mulligan has been rowing, coaching, competing, testing and working with rowing and ergs for over 20 years. He writes about erg rowing at

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Read this first please
  • Chapter 1. Mental Toughness Strategies
  • How To Mentally Prepare For a 2k Erg Test
  • 2k Erg Mental Toughness – 2 Essential Tips Guaranteed To Prevent Choke
  • How to Discover your Real Internal Rowing Power
  • Successful Rowers – 8 Personality Traits You Must Have
  • Chapter 2. Need to Know Equipment Set up
  • How an Incorrect Fan Setting Can Make Your 2k Slower by 6 Seconds
  • Correct Footplate Position Makes a Massive Difference to Power and Technique.
  • Best Shoes for Erg – 3 Every Erger Must Try
  • Chapter 3. Seriously Effective Rowing Workouts
  • 3 Summer Erg Workouts for Rowers
  • Rowing Workout – For Serious Rowers (and Ergers)
  • Boost Your Middle 1000 Meters with This Rowing Workout (How to find Rhythm)
  • Indoor Rowing Workouts That Boost Your Vo2 Max
  • Chapter 4. Brilliant Training Tips
  • Why You Must Always Sprint - Every Workout
  • How to Make Every Session Count – Why You Should Sprint #2
  • 7 Things Erg Rowers Can Learn From Cyclists
  • Erg Workout Recovery Strategy – 7 Great Tips
  • Chapter 5. Race Strategy and Peaking
  • Peaking For 2k Erg Tests - the 7 day Countdown Plan
  • Crash Your 2k Erg Score Test Strategy
  • Advanced 2k Erg Test Indoor Rowing Strategy – Part 1
  • Advanced 2k Erg Test Indoor Rowing Strategy – Part 2
  • Dominating Erg Rowing Tests – 7 Things You Can do Today
  • 2k Erg Test Meltdown – 5 Steps for a Fast Recovery
  • Game - changing Things to Think About in the Middle of a 2k Erg
  • Chapter 6. Unusual (Straight Talking) Rowing Advice
  • Important Tips Crucial to Prolonging your Career
  • Rowing Seat Racing – Why Rowers Need To Be Vigilant
  • Chapter 7. Erg and Rowing Technique Specifically for Your Body Type
  • Erg Rowing Technique - Learning How to Hang off the Handle
  • Oarsome Foursome v Romanian Women’s 8 – A Technique Lesson
  • Rowing Catch – 3 Things You Need To Know
  • 3 Ways to Pull The Erg Harder – Without Breaking The Energy Bank
  • Erg Technique (Do Not Read This if you Are a Rower)
  • Strapless Erging Will Fix Excessive Lay Back.
  • 7 Steps to Seriously Effective Erg Technique
  • Chapter 8. Essential Advice for Young Rowers
  • Chapter 9. Lightweight Rower Weight Strategies
  • Lightweight Rowers – After Weigh-In Strategies To Help You Prepare For A 2k Race
  • Lightweight? Here’s a Race Day Weigh – In Strategy
  • Let’s Build Something Great

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