Consumer's Guide for Self-Publishers
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Consumer's Guide for Self-Publishers

Reviews of writing and publishing companies, tools and services for authors

About the Book

Spend your time and money wisely! Use this consumer's guide to figure out which products, tools, and services you need to help you write, edit, format, design, fund, publish, sell, market, and promote your books and do business as an author. Take all the doubt out of your decisions about what vendors to use in your journey as an independent author and keep this reference handy. Monthly updates with email address.

About the Author

Carla King
Carla King

Carla King is the founder of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp educational program of books, workshops, and online course and hosts the Author Friendly Podcast, an interview program to talk with the people who make the products, tools, and services for independent authors. Her comprehensive Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is now in its fourth edition. She has written for Bowker’s Self-Published Author, BookWorks, PBS MediaShift, and penned the Book FormattingBook Distribution, and Book Discovery guides for IngramSpark. Carla works with the San Francisco Writers Conference as Independent Publishing Track Leader and Director of Business Development.

Carla spent years as a technical writer and transitioned to travel technology journalist. She freelanced at PC World and other magazines in the early days of portable computing. This paved the way for a career as an adventure travel writer and she has contributed to many magazines and anthologies. With her writing group, the Wild Writing Women, she self-published Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel, in 2001, which was wildly successful until it was sold to a NY publishing house where it has languished for years.

Carla's first self-published book was a guidebook Cycling the French Riviera in 1995. Other books Carla has authored include Stories from Elsewhere: Travels on Two and Three Wheels and American Borders: A circumnavigation of the United States on a Russian sidecar motorcycleShe is working on another memoir about a solo motorcycle trip through China. She splits her time between Dana Point and San Francisco, California.

Table of Contents

  • I Creating Your Book
    • 1. Interior Design and Formatting
    • 2. Plain Text Writing & Formatting Tools
    • 3. Book Cover Design
    • 4. Ebook, Document and Image Conversion
    • 5. Custom Publishing Services
    • 6. Editing Services
  • II Distributing Your Book
    • 7. Distribution Services
    • 8. Direct to Retailer Services
    • 9. Full-Service Formatting, Design, and Distribution
  • III Marketing Your Book
    • 10. Market Research and Competitive Analysis
    • 11. Critique Partners and Beta Readers
    • 12. Book Review Services and Software
    • 13. Trade Reviews
    • 14. Email Marketing
    • 15. Websites and Blogs
    • 16. Marketing Ads and Apps
    • 17. Copywriting Services
  • IV Selling Your Book Direct
    • 18. Direct Sales Tools
    • 19. E-Commerce Solutions
  • V Doing Business
    • 20. Online Marketplaces
    • 21. Book Sales Tracking Software
    • 22. Writing Software
    • 23. Editing Software
    • 24. Business and Productivity
    • 25. Crowdfunding Tools
    • 26. Affiliate Programs
    • 27. Book Translation Services
    • 28. Writing Around the World
    • Suggested Reading
    • Author and Publisher Organizations
    • Subscribe for Updates
    • About the Author
    • Acknowledgements
    • There’s lots more where this came from!

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