Quick Start Guide for concrete5
Quick Start Guide for concrete5
Quick Start Guide for concrete5

Last updated on 2016-04-12

About the Book

Learning to use concrete5 is made easy with this clear and concise guide. This Quick Start Guide for concrete5 covers a range of basic tasks such as editing and adding pages, uploading files and adjusting metadata.

The guide is designed to be printed, making it a handy resource to present to new editors of a concrete5 website.

The book is available under a Creative Commons licence on github. Suggestions and contributions welcome. For whitelabeling purposes the licence also permits private distribution to an end-user (i.e. a 'client'), with the author/credit information removed.

From the CEO of concrete5, Franz Maruna:

"Ryan has been an active concrete5 fan since the very early days. His thoughtful posts in the community have helped thousands of people. His add-ons provide valuable extensions to the core CMS.

This Quick Start Guide takes a step back and lays out all the basics you’d want to take a complete beginner through with concrete5. I’d use it myself next time I have to train a client who is starting from zero. It’s well written and easy to get through, you’d be a fool not to spend some time with this if you want to use concrete5."

Table of Contents

  • 1. Signing In and Out
  • 2. The Toolbar Explained
  • 3. Editing existing page content
    • To edit a block on a page
    • To add a new block to a page
    • To re-arrange blocks on a page
    • Publishing changes
  • 4. Common Editing Tasks
    • To insert headings and paragraphs
    • To insert links to pages, files and external URLs
    • Adding Images
    • Adding YouTube videos
    • To copy blocks to the clipboard
    • To place blocks from the clipboard
  • 5. Creating new pages
    • To create a new page
    • To publish a page set up for ‘Composer’
    • To publish a page that is directly editable
    • To edit a page created via the composer
  • 6. Changing page names, URL paths and metadata
    • To change the name or the url of a page
  • 7. Adjusting Page Attributes
    • To hide a page from navigation
    • Other useful attributes
  • 8. Creating page layouts
    • Creating Layouts
    • To adjust an existing layout
    • Changing page templates
  • 9. Sitemap and moving pages
    • To re-order pages
  • 10. File Management
    • Access the Files page of the Dashboard
    • Uploading and managing files
    • To upload new files
    • Adding files and links to pages
  • 11. Deleting, restoring pages and versioning
    • Deleting Pages
    • Restoring Pages
    • Page Versioning
  • 12. Needing more guidance?

About the Author

Ryan Hewitt
Ryan Hewitt

Ryan Hewitt has been a concrete5 developer for over 5 years and a web developer for over 12.

He is one-half of the web development business Mesuva, a business that specialises in developing custom built concrete5 websites.

Mesuva develops custom themes, add-ons and solutions, particularly supporting graphic designers and agencies with their challenging tasks.

Ryan is a regular contributor to the concrete5 support forums and holds a Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours from the University of South Australia.

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