The Cloud Walkabout
The Cloud Walkabout (The Cloud Walkbout Book)
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The Cloud Walkabout

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Last updated on 2017-11-23

About the Book

I started about a year ago to get heavily involved with AWS. It has been an incredible journey. I have stumbled a few times along the way - but have also learned a invaluable amount of knowledge.

Knowledge is not something that should be hoarded - but rather shared, for everyone's benefit.

This is my journey.

Join me in my thoughts, dilemmas, challenges and solutions that I encountered along the way.

About the Author

Maish Saidel-Keesing
Maish Saidel-Keesing

Maish Saidel-Keesing is a world renowned Cloud Architect and virtualization veteran who has been involved in IT for the past 17 years. He is the co-author of two books on enterprise architecture: 

He is the owner of the popular blog Technodrone and most of the time he can be found lurking on Twitter (@maishsk).

Table of Contents

    • Dedications
    • Acknowledgements
    • Why did I want to write this book?
    • What is with this walkabout thing?
    • About the Author
    • Book Conventions
    • This is a Leanpub book
    • Introduction
      • Who is this book for?
      • How is this book divided?
  • Part I - Crawl
    • Chapter 1 - The Basics of EC2
      • VPC Networking
      • External Interfaces
      • EC2 Instances
      • AMI’s
      • Importing/Exporting Images.
      • Tagging
    • Chapter 2 - Connectivity
      • Network planning
      • Routing
      • Central Management VPC
      • VPC Peering
      • Standardization and Control
      • Bastion Hosts
    • Chapter 3 - HouseKeeping
      • IAM Security
      • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
      • Password Policy
      • I Will Never Use Root
      • Central Account Management
      • IAM Policies
      • Billing Alarms
      • Limits

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