Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap
Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap
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Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap

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Completed on 2014-06-26

About the Book

"Clearing Away The Crap in My Cap" is the story of Alfred McEnny MacMan whose pursuit of material wealth takes an unexpected turn, leading him to a happier and healthier understanding of him and his life.

You’ll follow Alfred along on his journey of self-exploration and learning from his experiences along the way.

  • Real life lessons
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Realistic life benefits
  • Gain focus in a high-tech world
  • Learn to see your world differently
  • Teach life lessons to your children
  • Most importantly—relax and have a good laugh

We’re all in this together—let’s try to make it better.

What Readers Are Saying

"While reading 'Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap' I could almost hear the missing links clink into place in my head. Mark S. Russo has created a whimsical and entertaining yet strikingly real read into our world behind the curtain. Thanks for the wake up call! This is highly recommended for kids and adults alike. I look forward to the next book in this hopefully continuing series of enchantment and reality." — Mike ReardonProducer & Playwright, Write Paths Studio

"Mr. Russo weaves an enchanting tale of the universal quest for deeper meaning, higher understanding and a better way of life. He has whimsically disguised many of the secrets to living on your own terms in peace and happiness. A masterful work and just plain fun to read." — Stephen K. Hayes - Founder, Blue Lotus Assembly

"If you're fed up with the way the world's going, take this little journey - you'll return with some answers." — Scott Bragg - President, Fired Up Entertainment

"The most powerful persuasion? Persuasion you are not aware of... like reading 'Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap'. You're having too much fun and laughing too hard to notice the profound wisdom slipping in between your ears and lodging there. But when there is less crap in your life, when there is more power and joy... why then you'll know you have been persuaded to a better way of living. Read on, relish the rhymes, and live better." — Dr. Kirtland C. Peterson - Clinical Psychologist

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About the Author

Mark Sentoshi Russo
Mark Sentoshi Russo

Mark S. Russo’s lifelong quest for a fuller understanding of the human condition has led him to explorations of philosophies both eastern and western. The state of the current human experience compelled him to write "Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap" as a way to laugh at ourselves while we consider the serious implications of the underlying issues.

Mr. Russo has studied meditation techniques and mind sciences with master teachers for over three decades. He regularly delivers seminars and workshops on Mastering the Human Condition throughout the U.S. His easy to understand and practical approach to these subjects has made him very popular with people interested in making these ancient secrets easy to connect with and immediately useful.

He spent many years as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies as a management consultant specializing in leadership development. Mark Russo is an 8th degree Black Belt Hall of Fame martial arts instructor. He has earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling from the University of Sedona, Arizona.

Table of Contents

  • Changing Views Dam
  • What Readers Are Saying
  • Introduction
  • 1 Beginning to Doubt That I’d Figured It Out
  • 2 The Shop Where I Stopped
  • 3 Confronting Illusions and Mounting Confusions
  • 4 All the Cells on the Loose and Increasing Abuse
  • 5 About Good Opinions Set Forth by the Minions
  • 6 Choosing to Choose, So You Don’t Choose to Lose
  • 7 Of Cheaters and Liars and Not So High Flyers
  • 8 Taking and Giving and in the Flow Living
  • 9 Understanding the Need… But Now… How to Proceed
  • About the Author

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