Clean C#
Clean C#
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Clean C#

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About the Book

This book will help you write cleaner, more maintainable, more readable, and more pleasurable C# code.

About the Author

Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts

With over 15 years experience, Jason Roberts is a former Microsoft MVP, freelance developer, writer and Pluralsight course author. He is the author of multiple books including Clean C#, and C# Tips and writes at his blog He is an open source contributor and the creator of FeatureToggle. In addition to enterprise software development, he has also designed and developed both Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computing and is an amateur music producer and landscape photographer.

You can contact him on Twitter as @robertsjason, at his blog or check out his Pluralsight courses.

Table of Contents

  • About The Author
    • Other Leanpub Books by Jason Roberts
      • Keeping Software Soft
      • C# Tips
    • Pluralsight Courses
  • About this Book
  • Introduction
    • What is Clean C#?
    • Why Clean C#?
    • Using this Book
      • Code Samples
      • Order
      • Prescriptive
    • Clean C# is a Spectrum
  • Comments
    • Repeating What the Code Already Says
    • Change Control Comments
    • Comments as a Substitute for Self Documenting Code
    • Commented-Out Code
    • Pointless XML Documentation Comments
    • Acceptable Use of Comments
  • Naming Things
    • Qualities of Clean Names
      • Expressive
      • Accurate
      • Suitable Length
      • Pronounceable Names
    • Naming Specific Items
      • Namespaces
      • Interfaces
      • Classes
      • Methods
      • Properties
      • Events
      • Fields
      • Attributes
      • Method Parameters
      • Variables
      • Booleans
      • Generic Types Parameters
      • Enums
    • Some General Rules
  • Methods
    • Method Size and Clarity
    • Cohesive Methods
    • Mixing Abstraction Levels
    • Action or Answering Methods
    • Method Parameters
      • Methods with Zero Parameters
      • Methods with One Parameter
      • Methods with Two Parameters
      • Methods with Three Parameters
      • Methods with More Than Three Parameters
      • Refactoring to Reduce the Number of Parameters
      • Params
      • Output Parameters
      • Named Arguments
      • Boolean Switching Arguments
    • Multiple Returns
    • Code Duplication in Methods
    • Methods with Side Effects
  • Structuring Programs for Readability
    • Levels of Abstraction
    • Method Level Abstractions
  • Errors and Exceptions
    • Returning Error Codes
    • Using Exceptions
      • Supplied Framework Exceptions
      • Defining Custom Exceptions
    • Alternatives to Error Codes, Exceptions, and Returning Nulls
      • Try Methods
      • Special Case Design Pattern
  • Visual Formatting
    • The Principle of Proximity
    • The Principal of Similarity
    • The Principal of Uniform Connectedness
    • The Principal of Symmetry
  • Cohesion and Coupling
    • Cohesion
    • Coupling
  • Clean Tests
    • Qualities of Good Test
      • Execution Speed
      • Independent and Isolated
      • Repeatable and Reliable
      • Valuable
      • Resilient to Production Code Changes
    • The Three Logical Phases of Tests
      • The Arrange Phase
      • The Act Phase
      • The Assert Phase
    • How Many Asserts?
    • Simplifying Arrange Phase code with AutoFixture
  • Building On Clean Code
    • The Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
    • The Open Closed Principle (OCP)
    • The Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)
    • The Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)
    • Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)
    • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
    • You Aren’t Gonna Need It (YAGNI)

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