Clean Code for Rubyists
Clean Code for Rubyists
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Clean Code for Rubyists

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Last updated on 2018-07-23

About the Book

Messy code can cripple productivity and make life unpleasant for developers. Bad code is hard to test and is the source of bugs. Each day, we waste countless hours struggling with poorly written Ruby code. Clean Code for Rubyists will teach you how to make better decisions and have you writing cleaner code.

This book is the culmination of many years of experience across numerous codebases both large and small. You will learn from first-hand experience. Each chapter covers the topics you need to know to make better decisions. Many books will tell you how to do something, but this book will tell you why you should do it. Start writing code you love.

Books like Clean Code by Robert C. Martin or Code Complete by Steve McConnell are great resources for learning these concepts but are for developers who use compiled languages like C, C#, and Java. Clean Code for Rubyists is written for Ruby developers. There is no need to learn a new language or translate concepts to Ruby.

Is this book right for you?

  • You've graduated from one of many Ruby on Rails dev bootcamps
  • You've been programming for a couple of years in Ruby on Rails

What you will learn?

Build better classes to help promote code reuse. Create more straightforward methods to increase productivity. Improve your decision making and make better, smarter choices. These are the things you will learn when reading Clean Code for Rubyists:

  • Learn how to identify bad code and fixed it.
  • Learn how to create quality names for all of your variables, classes and modules.
  • Learn how to create better, concise classes.
  • Learn how to improve the quality of your methods.
  • Learn how to properly use modules.
  • Learn how to improve the clarity of your boolean logic.
  • Learn techniques to improve when and how you refactor.

How will you learn?

This book is filled with tons of code. You will see examples of common mistakes and how to fix them. Each example has been carefully considered based on real-world experience.

You will learn to think differently about your code. Every chapter will make your reconsider past coding decisions. Open your eyes to a new world of Ruby development by reading Clean Code for Rubyists.

What makes it ruby specific?

  • All the code examples are written in Ruby. No need to learn a new language.
  • Topics will highlight techniques specific to Ruby.
  • Topics factor in the dynamic nature of Ruby.

Table of Contents

  • Forward
    • Who should read this book?
  • The Qualities of Clean Code
    • Readability
    • Extensibility
    • Simplicity
  • Naming Things
    • Variables
      • Naming conventions
      • The data
      • Length
      • Avoid unnecessary information
      • Avoid conjunctions
      • Only alpha characters
    • Methods
      • Use verbs
      • Return value
      • Bang methods
    • Classes
      • Purpose
      • Role
    • Modules
  • Notes

About the Author

Carleton DiLeo
Carleton DiLeo

Carleton has been writing code ever since he built his first computer from parts in a dumpster. He has written code for high traffic web sites to backend big data system to video games. This wide base of knowledge provides Carleton with a unique perspective when writing Ruby code.

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