Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps
Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps
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Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps

Last updated on 2016-10-03

About the Book

This book demonstrates a continuous integration pattern for mobile apps, specifically for Android mobile apps. Some of the popular softwares like Docker, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube are used to string together different pieces of the software build pipeline. The book also encourages software development team to follow test driven development mindset. Aligned with test-first principles, the appium test automation framework fits nicely in the CI (continuous integration) pipeline and provides the valuable feedback, thus completing the feedback loop. Though Ruby programming language was used, the same codebase can be replicated in any of the appium/selenium compatible languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP etc. 

The ruby codebase is located at

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About the Author

Pradeep kumar
Pradeep Macharla

Pradeep is a passionate technical and business leader managing, coaching and growing teams around the globe ranging from Fortune 500 to small and medium companies. His background and experience has made him a highly sought after technical coach and mentor, consulting or working at the senior leadership and executive level with companies spanning across industries where Digital and IT technologies have significant impact. Pradeep has been an integral part of several initiatives in the technology spaceincluding mobile, web, financial and consulting services.

Pradeep has an MBA degree from Duke University that complements his technicalability to engage both business leaders and technical architects that brings clarity andsimplicity to conversations. Pradeep is also a recognized thought leader within the test automation community and speaks on topics such as ATDD, Extreme Programming, DevOps, Test Automation Design Patterns and Software Craftsmanship

Table of Contents




Mobile Technologies

Mobile Test Automation

CI Pattern with Jenkins - Android


Android System Setup

Tools to know

Build Android App

Connect Android Target

Deploy or Install Android App

Appium - General

Appium Framework - Android

Parallel Devices Automation


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