The Chef Survival Guide by Jason Fox [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
The Chef Survival Guide
The Chef Survival Guide
The Chef Survival Guide

Last updated on 2014-07-31

About the Book

Note: I'm not really maintaining this book anymore, I think some of the information may still be relevant, but much could be outdated. If you find value, that's great, if not I won't feel bad if you "kindly" return. If you are interested in contributing, contact me and we can work something out. Thanks!

Chef is a great way to manage your infrastructure in an automated way. It's relatively new and has amazing community support. With any new technology there will be lots of competing documentation, best practices, tools and opinions. This book catalogs the process I used to develop the Chef Broiler Plate repository which integrates some of the most popular tools that exist right now to aid in Chef cookbook development.

You will learn, as I did, how to build from the ground up a framework for building cookbooks that adhere to high standards of code quality and test driven development.

This book is under active development, I'm in the process of fleshing out each section and adding more examples.

Topics include:

  • Project Setup
  • Build System
  • Continuous Integration
  • Knife Usage
  • Universal Configuration for Team Development
  • TDD with Chefspec and Minitest
  • Cookbook Code Quality
  • Workflow
  • Dependency Management

Praise for The Chef Survival Guide

I've been struggling with Chef for a few months now and it has repeatedly blown my mind how, for something as popular as it appears to be, there is simply no good reading material for it. This is timely and a really big deal.

Trustfundbaby, Hacker News

About the Author

Jason Fox
Jason Fox

Jason Fox is an independent software consultant, designer, photographer and motorcycle enthusiast who is devoted to applying the timeless principles of craftsmanship to software projects. Both his blog and company information can be found at Never Stop Building.

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