Continuous Delivery Pipelines
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Continuous Delivery Pipelines

How to Build Better Software Faster

About the Book

The essential handbook on how to build, use and improve your Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

If you want to create Better Software Faster, then you need Continuous Delivery, and at the heart of Continuous Delivery is the Deployment Pipeline.

You may already have one, or be thinking about building your first! Either way, this book offers a step-by-step guide to get the best Deployment Pipeline for your software.

Written by the inventor of the Deployment Pipeline and author of the award-winning book "Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation", Dave Farley, shares his advice and experience in this practical handbook. 

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About the Author

David Farley
Dave Farley

Dave Farley is a pioneer of Continuous Delivery, thought-leader and expert practitioner in CD, DevOps, TDD and software development in general.

Dave has been a programmer, software engineer and systems architect for many years, from the early days of modern computing, taking those fundamental principles of how computers and software work, and shaping ground-breaking, innovative approaches that have changed how we approach modern software development. Dave has challenged conventional thinking and lead teams to build world class software.

Dave is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book - "Continuous Delivery", and a popular conference speaker on Software Engineering. He built one of the world’s fastest financial exchanges, is a pioneer of BDD, an author of the Reactive Manifesto, and a winner of the Duke award for open source software with the LMAX Disruptor. 

Dave is passionate about helping development teams around the world improve the design, quality and reliability of their software, by sharing his expertise through his consultancy, YouTube channel, training courses and books.


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Reader Testimonials

Peter Koch
Peter Koch

Compact, full of good advice, well written.

Compact, full of good advice, well written. Can highly recommend it to every Software Engineer who would like to have a complete and practical overview of the topic. 5 out of 5 stars

Paulus Esterhazy
Paulus Esterhazy

This book does a great job of clarifying crucial devops concepts.

This book does a great job of clarifying crucial devops concepts. I thought I knew what the job of a build server was. Turns out I didn't, not clearly at least. The book doesn't discuss tools - A good choice — concepts matter more.

Dale Hagglund
Dale Hagglund

A great overview of the whole process.

It's fantastic. Concise, but still gives a great overview of the whole process.

Eduardo Ferro Aldarma
Eduardo Ferro Aldarma

This is a great book at a great price.

To learn about how to organize CD pipelines, this book from Dave Farley is a must... 140 pages full of insights.

R. Todorov
R. Todorov

Extremely useful if you care about Continuous Delivery.

Very helpful, extremely useful if you care about true CD (and you should!)

Ned Gerblansky
Ned Gerblansky

Great, straight to the point and reasonably priced.

Great, straight to the point and reasonably priced.

Zachary Meyer
Zachary Meyer

Great book and I highly recommend it.

Great book and I highly recommend it.

Renato Todorov
Renato Todorov


This book (and your other books and videos) are life-changing for people like me, with low experience of Continuous Delivery. It has been of great use to me in inspiring people on adopting the practises.

Table of Contents

    • Preface
  • Deployment Pipeline Foundations
    • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Continuous Delivery
      • What is Continuous Delivery?
      • Three Key Ideas
      • Seven Essential Techniques
    • Chapter 2 - What is a Deployment Pipeline?
      • Scope and Purpose
      • Key Stages of a Deployment Pipeline
      • Key Practices for a Deployment Pipeline
      • Working Efficiently
      • Small, Autonomous Teams
      • The Deployment Pipeline is a Lean Machine
    • Chapter 3 - How to Build a Deployment Pipeline
      • Getting Started
      • Create a Commit Stage
      • Create an Artifact Repository
      • Create an Acceptance Stage
      • Create a Simple Version of Production
      • Next Steps
    • Chapter 4 - Test Driven Development
      • What is TDD?
      • Test First
      • Test All the Time
      • The Impact of Test-First on Design
      • Using ‘Testability’ to Improve Design
    • Chapter 5 - Automate Nearly Everything
      • Automation - An Essential Component of Continuous Delivery
      • Test Automation
      • Build and Deployment Automation
      • Automate Data Migration
      • Automate Monitoring and Reporting
      • Infrastructure Automation
      • Benefits of Automation
      • Tips for Automation
    • Chapter 6 - Version Control
      • Control the Variables
      • What to Version Control?
      • Reproducible Systems
      • The Route to Production
      • Branching
  • Deployment Pipeline Anatomy
    • Chapter 7 - The Development Environment
      • Paving the Way for the Deployment Pipeline.
    • Chapter 8 - The Commit Cycle
      • The Gateway to the Deployment Pipeline
      • Commit Stage Tests
      • Feedback in Five Minutes
      • Working in Small Steps
      • Continuous Integration
      • Generating Release Candidates
      • Summary
    • Chapter 9 - The Artifact Repository
      • The Heart of the Deployment Pipeline
      • Scope and Purpose
      • Storage Management
      • Next Steps
    • Chapter 10 - The Acceptance Stage
      • Confidence to Release
      • Aims of the Acceptance Stage
      • Steps in Running Acceptance Tests
      • What are Acceptance Tests?
      • How to Write Acceptance Tests
      • The Four-Layer Approach
      • Automating the Acceptance Stage
      • Scaling Up
      • Tips for Writing Acceptance Tests
    • Chapter 11 - Manual Testing
      • The Role of Manual Testing
      • When to Add Manual Testing
    • Chapter 12 - Performance Testing
      • Evaluating the Performance of our System
      • Pass/Fail Performance Tests
      • Testing Usability
      • Component-Based Performance Testing
      • System-Level Performance Testing
      • High-Performance, Low-Latency Systems
      • Long-Running Tests
      • Control the Variables
    • Chapter 13 - Testing Non-Functional Requirements
      • What are Non-Functional Requirements?
      • Scalability
      • Testing Failure
      • Compliance and Regulation
      • Provenance
      • Audit and Traceability
      • Security Testing
      • Team Responsibility
    • Chapter 14 - Testing Data and Data Migration
      • Continuous Delivery and Data
      • Data Migration
      • Data Migration Testing Stage
      • Data Management
      • Limits of Deployment-Time Migration
      • Testing and Test Data
    • Chapter 15 - Release Into Production
      • Defining Releasability
      • The Production Environment
      • When to Release?
      • Release Strategies
      • Feedback from Production
      • In Production
      • Conclusion
  • Whole Pipeline Considerations
    • Chapter 16 - Infrastructure As Code
      • What is Infrastructure As Code?
      • Infrastructure Configuration Management
      • Recommended Principles
      • Recommended Practices
      • Infrastructure As Code and the Cloud
    • Chapter 17 - Regulation and Compliance
      • Responding to Regulatory Requirements
      • Techniques that Facilitate Regulatory Compliance
      • What Can Go Wrong?
      • The Deployment Pipeline as a Tool for Compliance
      • Continuous Compliance
    • Chapter 18 - Measuring Success
      • Making Evidence-Based Decisions
      • Purpose
      • Quality
      • Efficiency
      • Throughput and Stability
      • Calculating Lead Time
      • Improving Lead Time
      • Follow a Lean approach
    • Chapter 19 - The LMAX Case Study
      • About LMAX
      • Scope and Scale
      • Design, Tools and Techniques
      • The Commit Stage in 4 Minutes
      • The Acceptance Stage in 40 Minutes
      • A Decision on Releasability in 57 Minutes
      • Into Production
      • Take-Aways
    • Chapter 20 - The Role of the Deployment Pipeline
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A - More Information
      • The Continuous Delivery Book
      • The Continuous Delivery YouTube Channel
      • Continuous Delivery Training
      • Further Reading
  • Notes

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