Catapult into PyroCMS
Catapult into PyroCMS
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Catapult into PyroCMS

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Completed on 2014-02-19

About the Book

PyroCMS is an awesome, open-source CMS, used by individuals, small businesses and large organisations across the globe. Its flexibility, ease of use, fantastic code base and ever-growing community are touted as just a few of the reasons why tens of thousands of people, worldwide, swear by it and use it each day to build the next generation of web applications.

In this book - from PyroCMS creator Phil Sturgeon - you’ll learn the core concepts underpinning Pyro, create malleable templates and themes, utilise Streams for powering content-heavy sites and examine the basics of writing addons for the Pyro platform. You’ll learn the theory behind the CMS, how to mould the system around your content and how to use the powerful, designer-friendly template layer.

What sort of skills will you learn?

  • How to develop PyroCMS themes; how the modular view system works; how to manage asset files like CSS and JavaScript; how PyroCMS's routing system gets visitors to your code
  • How to manage content from within PyroCMS; how the caching system keeps your pages snappy; how to optimise your website for search engines
  • How the immensely powerful PyroStreams system allows you to aggregate, arrange and display complex content; how to access PyroStreams from within custom code
  • How to develop an add-on for PyroCMS

About the Author

Phil Sturgeon
Phil Sturgeon

Phil Sturgeon is the Founder and Project Manager of PyroCMS and has been coding for years using Ruby, Python and Node but always comes back to PHP. An Englishman in New York, he works as a lead developer for the start-up Kapture. He is an active open-source developer, former CodeIgniter Reactor Engineer and ex-FuelPHP developer, web-tech consultant, avid writer, terrible mountain biker and excellent kayaker.

Table of Contents

  • About The Author
  • An Introduction To Catapult into PyroCMS
    • Who Should Read This Book?
  • Chapter One
    • Themes
    • Pages
    • Keywords
    • Streams
    • Addons
  • Chapter Two
    • Getting Started
    • Assets
    • Modular View Overloading
    • Widget Areas
    • Routes and Routing
  • Chapter Three
    • Managing Pages
    • Blogs
    • Navigation
    • Caching
    • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Chapter Four
    • Fields
    • API
  • Chapter Five
    • Writing Addons
    • Modules
    • Plugins
    • Widgets
  • Summary

About the Publisher

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