Traditional Chinese Character Dictionary

Traditional Chinese Character Dictionary

With Cangjie Index


Chinese character lookup can be a pain, especially when you can't figure out the radical, the stroke count or don't know it's pronounciation. The Traditional Chinese Character Dictionary with Cangjie Index makes character lookup easier with its Cangjie Input Code indexing.

Based on a freely available input system, characters are sorted by cangjie codes and further sub sorted by the character elements. Characters with similiar initial elements are grouped together and organized by their cangjie codes so that it is easy to find the desired character with simple shape recognition.

The Traditional Chinese Character Dictionary with Cangjie Index includes character definitions in English for over 5000 characters along with multi-character "word" definitions. Also included are mandarin pronounciation in pinyin, cangjie input codes (including letters and symbols), radical and stroke count.

As well as a cangjie lookup index, the dictionary also includes an alphabetically sorted pinyin index.


Neil Keleher
Neil Keleher

Hi, I'm Neil Keleher

I’ve been a yoga teacher for about 20 years.

I have a degree in systems design engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Prior to that I served for five years in the British army as an armourer.

As a yoga teacher I teach my students how to feel and control their body. In this context I’m like a driving instructor for your body.

One of my other hats is “indexing specialist”. One of my current ongoing projects under this hat is designing an easy to use indexing system for Chinese characters.


  • Introduction
    • Cangjie Decomposition
    • Making Character Recall Easier
    • A Character Elements (日)
    • B Character Elements (月)
    • C Character Elements (金)
    • D Character Elements (木)
    • E Character Elements (水)
    • F Character Elements (火)
    • G Character Elements (土)
    • H Character Elements (竹)
    • I Character Elements (戈)
    • J Character Elements (十)
    • K Character Elements (大)
    • L Character Elements (中)
    • M Character Elements (一)
    • N Character Elements (弓)
    • O Character Elements (人)
    • P Character Elements (心)
    • Q Character Elements (手)
    • R Character Elements (口)
    • S Character Elements (尸)
    • T Character Elements (廿)
    • U Character Elements (山)
    • V Character Elements (女)
    • W Character Elements (田)
    • Y Character Elements (卜)
  • Index Quick Links
    • Cangjie Index
    • Phonetic Index
    • Initial Element Code Reference
  • Index: A/日 Codes
  • Index: B/月 Codes
    • 谿
  • Index: C/金 Codes
  • Index: D/木 Codes
  • Index: E/水 Codes
  • Index: F/火 Codes
  • Index: G/土 Codes
  • Index: H/竹 Codes
  • Index: I/戈 Codes
    • 鹿
  • Index: J/十 Codes
    • 巿
  • Index: K/大 Codes
  • Index: L/中 Codes
  • Index: M/一 Codes
    • 西
  • Index: N/弓 Codes
  • Index: O/人 Codes
  • Index: P/心 Codes
  • Index: Q/手 Codes
  • Index: R/口 Codes
  • Index: S/尸 Codes
  • Index: T/草 Codes
    • 廿
  • Index: U/山 Codes
  • Index: V/女 Codes
  • Index: W/田 Codes
  • Index: Y/卜 Codes
  • Phonetic Index
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • E
    • F
    • G
    • H
    • J
    • K
    • L
    • M
    • N
    • O
    • P
    • Q
    • R
    • S
    • T
    • W
    • X
    • Y
    • Z
  • Entries

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