Taming Larger-than-RAM data with disk.frame

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Do you tremble at the sight of data that doesn't fit into RAM? How?! How, you ask, do I tame the beast that is data too large for RAM? Wonder no more! {disk.frame} is the answer!

{disk.frame}(http://diskframe.com) is an R package for manipulating larger-than-RAM data. "Taming Larger-than-RAM data with disk.frame" is created by the author of {disk.frame} to teach everything you need to know about {disk.frame} to use it like a boss. You can be sure to learn all the ins and outs of {disk.frame} and become a {disk.frame} Guru in no time. The course covers the theory of disk.frame and essential practical considerations so that you can write performant and clean {disk.frame} code.

Can you see yourself manipulating close to 2 billion data points in under 1 minute on a modern laptop? By the end of the course, you can!

Learn how {disk.frame} exploits multi-core CPUs and fast hard-drives to help you manipulate larger-than-RAM data with ease. Learn how to customise {disk.frame} to perform arbitrarily complex computations on large datasets in pure R code. With {disk.frame}, the power is in your hands to create arbitrarily complex and performant code for dealing with larger-than-RAM data.

Get out there! Tame larger-than-RAM data with {disk.frame}!