SignalR on ASP.NET Core Made Easy (The Course)
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Are you a web developer or do you write IoT software? If so, you would know that many web and IoT development projects these days require the ability to establish a persistent connection between a client and a server without having to keep sending repeated requests from the client. As you may also know, such functionality may be hard to implement.

However, if you can build your server-side application on ASP.NET Core, there is a way to make this whole process easy. There is a library called SignalR. This is what I'm going to talk about in this course. As well as doing all the heavy lifting for you, the library abstracts away all complex implementation details, so your code can be made extremely simple.

However, as you would already know, nothing in programming is simple in absolute terms. Programming is a complex activity, so even those concepts that are relatively simple require some practice and studying.

This is why I've created this course. By the end of it, you should be able to build a web application that clients will be able to establish a persistent connection with and exchange the data with in real time.

This course provides code samples based on .NET 6 project templates. However, it also explains how to implement the equivalent functionality for those developers who are still using old-style .NET 5 project templates. So, by end of this course, you will have learned both how to use SignalR in new applications and how to retrofit it in your legacy code.



  • Computers and Programming
  • .NET
  • C#
  • APIs

Course Material

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to the course
  • SignalR transport mechanisms
  • Setting up your environment
  • Setting up your solution
  • Solution overview
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  • Section 2: SignalR Hub
  • SignalR Hub overview
  • Example of SignalR Hub
  • SignalR Hub explained
  • An example of a strongly-typed SignalR Hub
  • Strongly-typed SignalR Hub explained
  • Further reading
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  • Section 3: SignalR clients
  • Introducing SignalR clients
  • Setting up a JavaScript client
  • Example of JavaScrip client
  • JavaScrip client explained
  • Setting up a .NET client
  • .NET client example
  • .NET client explained
  • Setting up a Blazor WebAssembly client
  • Blazor WebAssembly client example
  • Setting up a raw WebSocket client
  • Raw WebSocket client example
  • WebSocket client explained
  • Further Reading
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  • Section 4: Securing SignalR applications
  • Introducing SignalR security
  • Example of CORS configuration
  • Setting up SignalR authentication
  • Example of Identity authentication
  • Identity authentication explained
  • User authentication example
  • User authentication explained
  • Enabling messaging individual users
  • Messaging individual users
  • Further reading
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  • Section 5: Scaling SignalR server
  • Why would you need to scale SignalR server
  • Introducing Redis cache
  • Setting up Redis
  • Connecting SignalR Hub to Redis
  • Multiple Hub instances
  • Examle of Hub Context
  • Hub Context explained
  • Setting up Azure SignalR Service
  • Azure SignalR Service dependencies
  • Connecting application to the SignalR Service
  • Azure SignalR HTTP client explained
  • Further reading
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  • Section 6: SignalR streaming
  • Introducing SignalR streaming
  • Client streaming example
  • Client streaming explained
  • Server streaming example
  • Server streaming explained
  • Further reading
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  • Section 7: Conclusion
  • Wrapping up
  • Keeping in touch


    • Fiodar Sazanavets is an experienced lead software engineer whose main area of expertise is Microsoft stack, which includes ASP.NET (Framework and Core), SQL Server, Azure, and various front-end technologies. Fiodar is familiar with industry-wide best practices, such as SOLID principles, software design patterns, automation testing principles (BDD and TDD) and microservices architecture.

      Fiodar has built his software engineering experience while working in a variety of industries, including water engineering, financial, retail, railway and defence. He has played a leading role in various projects and, as well as writing software, he gained substantial experience in architecture and design.

      Fiodar is an author of a number of technical books and online courses. He regularly writes about software development on his personal website, He is also available to book for personal mentoring sessions via

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