The PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Course

Take your PowerShell skills quickly, and properly, to the next level, and become a true Toolmaker!

This course includes 1 attempt.

It's time to take those PowerShell console skills up a notch - or ten! Why satisfy yourself with simply cranking out scripts that look like old-school VBScript? Learn to create tools that fit the native PowerShell patterns and practices, work seamlessly together, and get PowerShell itself to do half the work! PowerShell MVPs Don Jones and Jeffrey Hicks guide you through a comprehensive look at PowerShell Toolmaking, amping your skills and plussing your career. Includes a full do-it-yourself lab setup guide, hands-on labs and sample solutions in each chapter, and extensive review questions to help you test your understanding of the material. We welcome your questions in the forums at!

Note that this course presents a subset of the material from The PowerShell Scripting & Toolmaking Book, and is designed for a student to complete the material in about 40-50 hours of self-guided study. This book is also suitable for instructor-led classroom use, and can be purchased directly from the authors for a one-time site license fee. A variation of this course is also available in the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace powered by Arvato.