Feeding His Lambs

The instructor has published 90% of this course.

This is an online course for nurturing newly-born Christians. It shows fundamental doctrines, habits, and tutoring required for the new initiate in Christ. It is an in-depth review of the "second birth", forming growth habits, and ensuing spiritual warfare. The lessons follow the textbook - Feeding His Lambs.

This course includes 1 attempt.

This first course, in this series, is specifically written for the newly-born Christian. Your first 28 days as a newly born Christian is the critical period. This workbook demonstrates how to care for your new Spiritual Neonatus! The next 1,000 days starts your maturing in the process; this workbook lays the foundation and guidance you require. I generally quote from the "New American Standard Bible" and will indicate otherwise when I use another translation. Several resources are provided to supplement your growth and education into a healthy mature Christian. I have incorporated several of my dad's - Rev. C. G. Gose, Th.D., D.Div. - sermons, lectures, journals, and articles throughout this entire collection. This workbook and the online course could support various Christian ministries, outreach programs, evangelists, New Membership curriculum.

What you'll learn...  

 - Guidance on Why You suffer defeat and anguish.  

 - Foundational "Instructions on Salvation" (i.e., the Soteriology Theology).  

 - Foundational "Instructions about Christ" (i.e., Christology Theology).  

 - Foundational "Instructions about Humanity" (i.e., Christian Anthropology).  

 - Knowledge about your transition from "man" into a New Creature.  

 - Guidance about your New Role in the present and future.  

 - Knowledge about your New Abilities & Responsibilities.  

 - Guidance about how to achieve an Abundant Life!