Facebook Ads Marketing Mastery (The Course)
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Master Facebook Advertising to Grow any Business and learn how to create Facebook Ads using the Strategies that will give you 3x success !!

This course is designed to progress the student from Beginner to Advanced through a series of trainings and video courses bundled together to provide a thorough experience. Is the best Facebook ads course in 2021 for those beginners who want to learn how to start social media advertising with Facebook ads.


Learn how to structure campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager in 2021 by selecting ad objectives, target audience, budget, and placement that fit your unique goals.

• Structure campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager.

• Identify the major components and elements of an ad in Facebook Ads Manager.

• Build an ad that aligns with your marketing objectives and target it to your intended audience.

• Set a budget, placement, and schedule for your ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

• Edit and troubleshoot your ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

The training series includes:


  • Facebook Ads 101 (10 Video Lessons)
  • Facebook Ad Tracking (9 Video Lessons)

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures
  • Online marketers and marketing reps
  • Advertising managers
  • Corporations
  • People looking to MASTER Facebook Marketing!
  • People looking to MASTER Facebook Ads!
  • People looking for the most highly targeted and successful advertising strategies via Facebook Ads!

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How do I become an expert on Facebook ads?

Some of the topics you need to pay attention to in order to become a Facebook ads expert are the following:

  • Build your Facebook ads skills and get certified.
  • Learn how to use Facebook business manager.
  • Understand how Facebook sales funnels work.
  • Learn how to configure Facebook events and custom conversions.
  • Understand what are custom and lookalike audiences.
  • Study the different ad placements and Facebook Ad types.
  • Learn how to use a graphics design tool.
  • Learn how to do competitor analysis.
  • Learn how to use the Facebook ads reporting tool.
  • Stay informed about updates to Facebook Ads.

Is it hard to learn FB ads?

Learning Facebook Ads is really easy, the most important thing is you put into practice all the learnings from the course, so you should be ready to create your own practice account and have some product, services or even pages you could advertise as a learning exercise.

What are the responsibilities of a Facebook Advertising Manager ?

  • Planning Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Creating graphics and ad copy
  • Analyzing campaign performance and making optimizations
  • Installing tracking pixels
  • Working with other marketers to optimize landing pages
  • Staying up to date with the latest Facebook Advertising best practices

How much does it cost to run Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising costs can vary by a lot depending on the industry, your ad placement, target audience, and multiple other factors. Typically you can expect your ads to cost you between $0.50 and $2.00 per click.

What is the minimum budget for Facebook ad?

The minimum budget you should consider when running your Facebook ads is at least $1 a day for ad sets charged for impressions. Ads charged for clicks, likes, video views or post-engagement need a daily minimum budget of at least $5 a day.

How can I start with Facebooks Ads in 2021 ?

In 2021 after taking the Facebook Ads Course anyone can build a successful Facebook ad campaign with just $5 per day. If you run the ad continuously throughout the month, you're looking at an advertising budget of between $150 and $155 per month.

What makes Facebook Advertising so attractive for beginners in 2021 ?

You can learn Facebook Ads with this top Facebook Ads course if you are looking to promote your app or business, the fact that Facebook Advertising combines low cost with a huge audience is ideal to reach your target in the most profitable way, students enrolling in this course can chose to work for their own business in 2021, work independently as Facebook consultants for multiple clients or work for larger clients and agencies.



  • Sales
  • Digital Transformation
  • Management

Course Material

  • Facebook Ads 101 - Introduction
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Mindset
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Who are you targeting ?
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Facebook Audience Insights
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Facebook Ad Set
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Creating an Avatar Profile
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Facebook Important Ad Rules
  • Facebook Ads 101 - The Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads 101 - Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Manager
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Pixel
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Events
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Intro
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Email Funnel
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Abandoned Cart
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Purchase Funnel
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Lead Form
  • Facebook Ad Tracking - Tracking Testing


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