Communication Super power - The Foundations of Effective Communication (The Course)
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Communication Super power - The Foundations of Effective Communication

Develop strong communication behaviours to help you influence at work, communicate with clarity and stand out for the right reasons.

This course includes 2 attempts.

Develop your communication behaviours in this course on the fundamentals of communication. It is based on my award winning Communication Super Power workshop.

This is a text based course and I will ask you to sit a DISC survey during it, or use my cheat sheet for self-assessment if you'd rather not use the survey tools.

In this course we'll cover:

  • Why effective communication skills are so important
  • How to be effective AND liked - and why relationships really are the key to influencing
  • The science of communication
  • Why DISC is a useful tool for communication
  • Understanding DISC and why shifting to the other person is the key
  • The 11 Principles of effective communication:
  1. Purpose, Audience and Context
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Communication is something the receiver does
  4. Stories go where facts cannot
  5. Don't waste another person's time
  6. Practice is preparation
  7. People remember how you make them feel
  8. Non-verbal is a super power and why first impressions matter
  9. People resonate with those who sound like them
  10. You can hack your body
  11. Listening is the greatest compliment
  • How to actively listen
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Effective writing
  • The art of non-verbal communication

I encourage you to reflect after each lesson on what that lesson means to you and how you will change to adapt what you are learning.

There are no quizzes or tests. I personally believe self-reflection is a better tool for learning than rote memory.

As part of this course I will ask you to sit a DISC survey, or use my cheat sheet for self assessment.

I cannot teach you to be an effective communicator - you must do that through practice. But this course will highlight the foundations, get you thinking and give you some guiding principles to start on your journey. 


“Rob’s Communication Workshop is brilliant. Of all the training I’ve done over my career, it’s the one that’s had the most immediate and positive impact, both on my work and personal life.” Sylvia – attendee

“I knew Rob was a great speaker as I’d seen him present at a number of industry conferences so I had high expectations of the communications workshop he delivered to my team. He exceeded them all! He consulted with me to understand what we wanted to achieve and then facilitated a jam packed workshop that had something for everyone. Rob’s energy, expertise and amiable presenting style was a big hit with all of us and we left with new skills, insights and practical knowledge.” Scott - director of a company

About Me and the original workshop

About Me -

The original course -

Will I really develop a super power?

If you put all of this in to practice you will indeed be on a journey to develop this super power.

Not a super-hero super power (like laser eyes, or flight, or immortality) but an exceptional ability to get things done at work.