Building a Web Site on Heroku
Building a Web Site on Heroku
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Building a Web Site on Heroku

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Last updated on 2014-04-29

About the Book

Building and hosting a web site has never been easier than it is today. This book will walk you through launching a new Ruby on Rails web site on the Heroku hosting provider. The focus is on shipping early and often, and utilizing pre-existing tools and Rails conventions to accomplish a lot with very little code. By the end of chapter one, you'll have a web site live on the Internet suitable to share with your mother, and the rest of the book will cover:

  • Twitter's Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Using the Devise gem for authentication / user management
  • Creating a landing page email catcher (like what KickoffLabs sells you)
  • Accepting payments with Stripe
  • Setting up recurring payments
  • Integrating Google Analytics / Google AdWords
  • ... and more! (message the author with suggestions)

Is this book right for you? It's been written with the following readers in mind:

  • Rails programmers who haven't launched a new app from scratch
  • web programmers, but no Rails experience
  • programmers, but no web programming experience
  • non-programmers who have tech savvy and aren't scared of Terminal

A note on the pace of this book:Depending on your experience, the sample chapter might seem like it's going at a very fast pace -- and it is, but on purpose. The goal of the first chapter is to leave you with a meaningful result: a hosted web site on the internet you can view in any browser. Shipping is exciting, and I want the reader to be just excited about learning how to build web sites as I am about teaching. The following chapters will take more time to explain what's happening and why we're doing things the way we are

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About the Author

Adam Derewecki
Adam Derewecki

Adam has been building web sites for over fourteen years and professionally for over six years in Java, Python and Ruby on Rails. As an early engineer at Yelp Adam lead an internal applications team and scaled the SMTP architecture. At Causes (one of the largest Ruby on Rails sites) he helped re-launch the product and migrate from Rails 2.1 to 3.2. Most recently, he was a Director of Engineering at ApartmentList (one of the largest sites on Heroku) where he lead and mentored a team of Rails engineers.

Table of Contents

  • Hitting the Ground Running
    • Prerequisites
    • Creating a new Rails application
    • Deploying to Heroku
  • Getting started with HTML and CSS
  • Graduating to HAML and SCSS

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