Building Web Applications… by Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Building Web Applications Using Parse REST API
Building Web Applications Using Parse REST API
Building Web Applications Using Parse REST API

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Completed on 2015-01-10

About the Book

In this book will illustrate how to use as your own database backend, by creating a simple blog with posts and comments ..

* am going to use Laravel 4 as the framework for writing this lovely web app, which will be a small blog for personal use, so you need to know laravel and how to write code in php ..

* You need also to have an account on

* You will need to have LAMP installed on your workstation or to have your own simple vps .. This book is not intended to teach you Laravel, instead it will help you to learn how to use in your next web project ..

Christopher Pitt : I found the formatting sufficient, the language easy to follow and the level of detail exactly right to not bore me to death. If you’re keen to learn how to use Parse, and you know a tiny bit of Laravel, this is definitely a good read.  Read the full review

Laravel News : No. This book is not an exhaustive reference of Laravel functionality, but then it doesn’t aim to be. It’s purpose is to demonstrate how to use Parse data storage in a concrete application, and that it does well. Read the full review

About the Author

Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh
Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh

Php Programmer for the last 8 years ..

have been working with CodeIgniter for the last 3 year, and i have made the switch to laravel 4, the day which they release it ..

My first project was some mixture between Laravel and as the backend , and this book is going to summarize how did i handle both laravel and, by creating a simple blog ..

About the Contributors

Boydlee Pollentine
Boydlee Pollentine

Spell Checker

Boydlee has been helping me sort out my typos and spelling, since English is not my native language.


Thanks for Jetbrains for providing us with such nice and powerful PHP IDE (PhpStorm) that really goes beyond the language.
Tim Myers
Tim Myers

Cover Designer

Thanks to and @muudboard for designing the artwork on the old cover of this book.

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