Braces 101 for Teens by Teens
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Braces 101 for Teens by Teens

All about orthodontics for teens!

About the Book

Both of us had braces for over two years, right in the middle of our teenage years. Going through many experiences and decisions regarding braces, headgear, retainers, and everything in between, we tell you what to expect and prepare for when it comes to orthodontics.  Between the two of us, we have almost five years of combined experience with different social situations, maintenance and care, and how braces and other orthodontic gear affect your daily life.

In the following pages, you will encounter information about the actual procedure of getting braces, headgear, spacers, retainers, and even wisdom teeth removal. Along with this, we have researched and provide information on different orthodontic or dental procedures you may encounter, from fiberotomy to the surgical removal of overbite.

We cover what to eat, how it feels, what to expect when interacting with people on a day-to-day basis, and the thought process behind every step of the way through your orthodontic journey.  We share personal experiences and stories from our own perspectives, so you can get an idea of what it will be like in this day and age as a teenager with braces!

This book is an adaptation of our blog, Braces 101 for Teens by Teens. We have added new and improved pictures, some experiences from our Dad, and brand new material on braces removal, teeth overcrowding, fiberotomy, and frenectomy! We have organized and edited all of our posts in order to make the material clearer and more readable.

About the Authors

Erik Braun
Erik Braun

Erik Braun is currently in his second year of college. Having just completed an Associate of Science degree in Welding Technology and another in Mathematics/Physical Sciences, he plans to further complete a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Erik was homeschooled from the fourth grade through high school and was a competitive gymnast throughout this time as well. He enjoys playing the violin and working out in his free time.

Amanda Braun
Amanda Braun

Amanda Braun is in her first year of college.  She is working on an Associate of Science degree in Welding Technology, and hopes to continue on to a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.

Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Why do I have to get braces!?
    • Crooked Teeth and Crowding
    • The Overbite
    • Asymmetrical Jaws
    • The Underbite
    • Links
  • Going to the Orthodontist for the First Time
    • In The Orthodontist Waiting Room
    • Old Time Orthodontics
    • Traditional Metal Braces
    • Clear Braces
    • Six Month Smiles
  • Before You Get Braces
    • Pulling Teeth
    • Grinding Your Teeth
    • Bite Planes
  • Getting Your Braces On
    • The First Day
    • Predicting the Pain
    • Tooth Sensitivity
    • Bracket Bands
    • Battle of the Bands
    • Rainbow of Rubber
  • Coping
    • Strangers
    • Parents
    • Friends
    • Enemies
    • Pictures with Braces
    • Driver License
  • Good Hygiene
    • The Health in Hygiene
    • Cleaning Techniques
    • Gingivitis
    • More on Gingivitis
    • Links
  • Forbidden Foods
    • Damaging Delectables
    • Damaging Delectables – Thanksgiving Edition
    • Citric Acid and What It Does To Enamel
    • Five More Things Not to Do
  • Problems!
    • Wretched Wires
    • Getting Food Unstuck
    • Loose Brackets
  • Orthodontist Visits
    • The Classic Checkup
    • Methods of Assessment
    • Following Your Orthodontist’s Directions
  • Away from Home
    • The Secret to Sleepovers
    • Camping
    • Traveling
    • Orthodontics in Sports
    • Summer Camps and Retainers
    • Orthodontic Emergency Kits
  • Wisdom Teeth
    • Deciding to Take Them Out
    • Consulting the Oral Surgeon
    • Anesthesia
    • Pre Operation
    • Day of the Operation
    • Recovery Post Operation
    • Facts about Clindamycin
    • Links
  • Love and War
    • Makeup for Braces
    • Kissing with Braces
    • Fighting With Braces
  • Odds and Ends
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Dental Sealants
    • Weird Uses for Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, and Mouthwash
    • Links
  • Fillings
    • Tooth Sensitivity after a Filling
    • The News about Novocaine
    • Links
  • Headgear
    • The Handy Headgear Guide
    • The First Day with Headgear
    • Sleeping with Headgear
    • Cleaning Guide to Headgear
    • Headgear, All Day Long
  • Getting Your Braces Off
    • Getting Braces Off: Amanda
    • Getting Braces Off: Erik
    • A Year and A Half after Braces
  • Retainers
    • All about Retainers
    • Retainer Maintainer Container
    • Taking Care of Retainers
    • Checking the Retainer
    • Ode To Retainers
    • Retainer Update: Erik
  • Fiberotomy
    • Facts about Fiberotomy
    • Fiberotomy Pain
    • Our Decision on Fiberotomy
    • Links
  • Frenectomy
    • Facts about Frenectomy
    • Recovery from Frenectomy
    • Complications Due to Frenectomy
    • Pain in a Frenectomy
    • Links
  • Appendix
    • Image Credits
  • Afterword

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