The Book of Dolphins - Volume 1
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The Book of Dolphins - Volume 1

Critical Chain Project Management

About the Book

This book on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a comprehensive guide aimed at transforming work into a more enjoyable and efficient experience. It addresses the challenges organizations face in delivering classic or agile projects on time and increasing throughput, which often leads to stress and inefficiency.

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The book is structured into several parts, each focusing on different aspects of CCPM.

1. Introduction: Discusses the current state of multi-project environments and the need for a more focused and satisfying work environment. It also covers the impact of CCPM on business growth, culture, and cooperation.

2. CCPM Cookbook - The Method: This section is a practical guide to CCPM, covering topics like work in progress, resource usage, project planning, execution, and learning methods. It includes strategies to break the work-in-progress trap, exploit constraints, and principles for maintaining project flow. It also discusses role definitions within CCPM, including project manager, resource manager, and task manager.

3. Summary: Provides a concise overview of the key principles and success factors of CCPM.

4. Deep Dives: Offers more in-depth exploration of specific CCPM topics like the physics of flow, bottleneck to constraint transformation, business value optimization, critical path vs. critical chain, and buffer sizing.

The book aims to make project management more accessible and actionable, targeting a broad audience from beginners to those seeking advanced knowledge. It emphasizes practical insights, real-life examples, and step-by-step instructions to guide readers towards excellence in project management. By adopting CCPM, organizations are expected to optimize resource utilization, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve project delivery performance.

About the Editor

Wolfram Müller
Wolfram Müller

High-Speed-Project-Manager, Integrationist, Scrum-Kanban-Critical-Chain-Protagonist, and Consultant for Companies that want to go to the limit!

Founder of the DolphinUniverse.Team - a community for High-Speed Change based on #TheoryOfConstraints and #SelfOrganization.

Contributor to - free tools for making Scrum reliable, team hyperproductive, projects agile, and even SAFe(R) flowing.

The driver behind - a free chatGPT with expert knowledge about #Agile, #Lean, and #TheoryOfConstraints.

About the Contributors

Frank Erbacher
Frank Erbacher
Kerstin Zulechner
Kerstin Zulechner

Table of Contents

  • I Introduction
    • I1 About Us
    • I2 The Why?
    • I3 The Reality in Multi-Project Environments
    • I4 More Projects in Less Time - Future Picture
      • I4.1 Local vs. Global Efficiency
      • I4.2 Management Needs Transparency and Predictability
      • I4.3 The Miraculous Change in the Appreciation of Constraints
      • I4.4 Employees Need a Focused and Satisfying Work Environment
    • I5 What’s in it for me? What’s in it for us?
      • I5.1 How to Calculate a Growth Business Case
      • I5.2 Impact on Culture and Cooperation
    A CCPM Cookbook - The Method
    • A1 WIP and Resource Usage
      • A1.1 The Vicious Cycle of Work-in-Process
      • A1.2 How to Identify the Constraint
      • A1.3 How to Break the WIP Trap - Stagger at the Constraint
      • A1.4 How to Exploit the Constraint
    • A2 Good Preparation
    • A3 Project Planning
      • A3.1 Estimations and Wrong Assumptions in Classical Project Planning
      • A3.2 Studenten-Syndrom & Parkinsons Law
      • A3.3 Plan for the Unforeseen - Project Buffer and Estimates
      • A3.4 Leadership Principles for Flow
      • A3.5 Integration or Feeding Buffer
      • A3.6 Milestones - Good or Bad?
    • A4 Execution
      • A4.1 Priorities: Why Do I Need Operational Priorities?
      • A4.1.1 The Fever Curve in CCPM
      • A4.1.2 Buffer Index as Operational Priority
      • A4.2 Strategic and Operational Priority
      • A4.3 Closed Loop Control Mechanism in CCPM
      • A4.3.1 Steering Committee
      • A4.3.2 Pipeline Meeting
      • A4.3.3 Shop Floor Meeting
      • A4.3.4 Daily Project Team Meeting
      • A4.4 Specific CCPM Role Definitions
      • A4.4.1 Project Manager
      • A.4.4.2 Resource Manager
      • A.4.4.3 Task Manager
      • A.4.4.4 Pipeline Manager
      • A4.4.5 Top Management
      • A4.4.6 Full Kit Manager
      • A4.5 Relay Runner Principle
      • A4.6 Dashboard
    • A5 Learning as Fast as Possible
      • A5.1 Stabilize CCPM Methods and Tools
      • A5.2 FIP - Focused Improvement Process
    S CCPM Summary
    • S1 In a Nutshell“
    • S2 Success Factors
    B Deep Dives
    • B1 Physics of Flow
      • B1.1 Little’s Law
      • B1.2 Goldratt’s Law
      • B1.3 The Math Behind Estimations
    • B2 From Bottleneck to Constraint
      • B2.1 Abstractions of Constraints
      • B2.2 Where the Constraint Should Be
      • B2.3 Typical Organizations and Their Constraints
    • B3 Strategic Priority: Business Value Optimization
    • B4 Excursus: Critical Path and Critical Chain
    • B5 From Buffers and Their Sizing
      • B5.1 The Math Behind Buffer Sizing
      • B5.2 Buffer Sizing
      • B5.3 Feeding Buffers When Chains Are Equally Long

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