Book of Monads
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Book of Monads

About the Book

Monads are key to unlocking many powerful patterns in functional programming. Alas, many developers struggle at first with the concept and the applications of monads. This books provides a full dive into the subject, including thorough explanations of adjacent concepts such as functors, monad transformers, final tagless, or extensible effects.

About the Author

Alejandro Serrano Mena
Alejandro Serrano Mena

Alejandro is a developer and trainer at 47 Degrees. He has more than a decade of experience using and researching on Haskell. He holds a PhD from Utrecht University on the topic of compilers for functional programming. He is the author of Practical Haskell.

Table of Contents

  • I. What is a Monad?
    • 1. Discovering Monads
    • 2. Better Notation
    • 3. Lifting Pure Functions
    • 4. Utilities for Monadic Code
    • 5. Interlude: Monad Laws
  • II. More Monads
    • 6. Pure Reader-Writer-State Monads
    • 7. Failure and Logic
    • 8. Monads for Mutability
    • 9. Resource Management and Continuations
  • III. Combining Monads
    • 10. Functor Composition
    • 11. A Solution: Monad Transformers
    • 12. Generic Lifting and Unlifting
  • IV. Rolling Your Own Monads
    • 13. Defining Custom Monads
    • 14. Composing Custom Monads
    • 15. Performance of Free Monads
  • V. Diving into Theory
    • 16. A Roadmap
    • 17. Just a Monoid!
    • 18. Adjunctions

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