Blogger Template Design
Blogger Template Design
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Blogger Template Design

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Completed on 2016-12-19

About the Book

Webdesign industry is getting spreaded day by day. New platforms are coming up with new features. Blogger is one of the platform getting introduced to people and lots of users are using blogger. There are very less develoapers for blogger template. This book is perfectly made for those curious people whom wants to learn something new each time. This book helps you to make your own blogger template. With the book you will be able to create a custom blogger template, custom post layout, related item widget, pagination scripts and much more. This book will guide you through each part of blogger webdesign and help you to create the insanely beautiful templates.

About the Author

Abhishek Bagul
Abhishek Bagul

Author of has created many blogger templates and also has many popular websites. His main talent is creating blogger templates and he had created many blogger templates.

Table of Contents


1.   Working of Blogger

2.   Basic Terms

2.1.       XML NameSpaces

2.2.       Sections

2.3.       Widget

2.4.       Include & includable

3.   If & else condition

3.1.       Introduction

3.2.       Various conditions

3.2.1.  Showing content with respect to “type” of page

3.2.2.  Showing content with reference to url

3.2.3.  Showing content by validation

3.3.       Comparing Operators

3.4.       Multiple If Conditions

3.5.       XML escaping characters

4.   Getting Started..

4.1.       Creating & modifying HTML

4.2.       Adding gadgets to HTML

4.3.       Fixing some basic things

4.3.1.  Fixing Title

4.3.2.  Error due to navbar

4.3.3.  Setting up alternate header

5.   Creating post layout

5.1.       Defining variables and dynamic DIV

5.2.       Creating readmore function

5.3.       Fixing minor bugs

5.3.1.  Removing the top title and date

5.3.2.  Formatting the timestamp

5.3.3.  Removing post footer

6.   Creating Pagination

7.   Customizing item page

7.1.       Creating Header

7.2.       Related posts widget

8.   Error page

Appendix - I   

Appendix - II

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