Become a better Software Architect
Become a better Software Architect (The Book + Material)
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Become a better Software Architect

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Last updated on 2019-03-02

About the Book

Have you ever wondered how developers become architects or how architects are becoming chief architects? This book discusses 10 of the most important skills every architect should have and how you can develop and improve these skills.

This book is different. It provides real, practical made experience with tangible examples which you can immediately apply, as well as actions which focus on long term improvements. Further readings are provided in form of book references, overviews and definitions and in-depth articles of thought leaders.

The book provides technology agnostic inspirations and guidance, which gives you the possibility to increase your performance in an uncertain and increasingly fast-paced field.

About the Author

Kai Niklas
Kai Niklas

Enables ideas and innovation with modern and robust Enterprise and Integration Architectures. Digitalizes and automates business processes. Supports in getting a data driven company. Proven agile mindset in a scaled and distributed agile environment. PhD in the field of SOA. SAP for insurance. Believes in an AI powered future.


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Table of Contents

I. Foreword 

1. About this book

1.1. What things will I learn? 

1.2. Are the things proven to work?

1.3. Status of Book

II. Introduction

2. Introduction - The Software Architect

2.1. Definitions - Software Architect 

2.2. Levels of Architecture 

2.3. Typical Activities of Software Architects 

2.4. Important Skills of Software Architects 

III. Skills of an Architect

3. Design - Theory

3.1. Know the basic design patterns 

3.2. Dig deeper into patterns and anti-pattern 

3.3. Know quality measures 

4. Design - Practice 

4.1. Try out and understand different technology stacks 

4.2. Analyze and understand applied patterns 

4.3. Be curious and attend User Groups 

5. Decide 

5.1. Know what is important 

5.2. Learn to Prioritize 

5.3. Know your competence 

5.4. Evaluate multiple options 

6. Simplify

6.1. Shake the solution 

6.2. Take a step back 

6.3. Divide and Conquer 

6.4. Refactoring is not evil 

7. Code 

7.1. Have a side project

7.2. Find the right things to try out 

8. Document 

8.1. Clean Code 

8.2. Generate documentation where possible 

8.3. As much as necessary, as little as possible 

8.4. Learn more about architecture frameworks 

9. Communicate 

9.1. Learn how to communicate your ideas 

9.2. Give talks to large groups 

9.3. Find the right level of communication 

9.4. Communicate often 

9.5. Be transparent 

9.6. Be always prepared to give a presentation 

10. Estimate and Evaluate 

10.1. Know basic project management principles 

10.2. Evaluate “unknown” architecture 

11. Balance 

11.1. Quality comes at a price 

11.2. Solve contradicting goals

11.3. Conflict management

12. Consult and Coach

12.1. Have a vision

12.2. Build a community of practice (CoP) 

12.3. Conduct open door sessions 

13. Market

13.1. Motivate and convince 

13.2. Fight for your ideas and be persistent 

13.3. Find allies 

13.4. Repeat It, Believe It 

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