A Beginner's Guide to Business Process Automation with ProcessMaker 3.1


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A Beginner's Guide to Business Process Automation with ProcessMaker 3.1

About the Book

A Beginner's Guide to Business Process Automation with ProcessMaker is a practical hands-on guide that helps you get started with the leading open source Workflow and Business Process Management solution - ProcessMaker. In this guide we explore what BPM is and its benefits to your business or organisation and then walk you through setting up ProcessMaker on your system. Together, we will model and build a complete business process for requesting, approving and reporting expenses. In the course of building the process, you will learn about

  • The Workflow Designer for modelling business processes using BPMN 2.0
  • The Dynaform Designer for creating responsive HTML forms
  • Input and Output documents for capturing supporting documents for your business processes and generating standardised documents from the data captured in a process
  • Triggers for implementing custom business logic and extending ProcessMaker functionality
  • Sending Email notifications and adding comments to cases
  • Building complex routing rules
  • Managing users and their permissions
  • Deploying ProcessMaker to a cloud server
  • Configuring and using the ProcessMaker mobile app
  • ... and so much more

About the Author

'dipo Majekodunmi
'dipo Majekodunmi

'dipo is a Certified ProcessMaker Architect and Developer with 7 years experience building and automating business processes using ProcessMaker. He has implemented ProcessMaker for a number of banks and financial services providers in Nigeria, integrating ProcessMaker with banking applications and other enterprise systems.

His background as a business analyst gives him the unique ability to understand and address business needs through technology. He is an AIIM Certified Information Professional and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced IT and Business Management from the University of Wales.

Dipo is the founder and Managing Partner at dipoleDIAMOND in Lagos, Nigeria where he helps businesses leverage technology to solve problems.

Reader Testimonials

Brian S. Reale
Brian S. Reale

Co-Founder ProcessMaker

I have personally had the chance to work with Dipo over several years, and I have always been extremely impressed by both his technical knowledge and his business acumen. I believe that to be able to write a truly useful guide to ProcessMaker and BPM, a writer must have knowledge in both areas. Dipo has just that. Dipo’s years of working in banking and other industries have given him deep first hand experience implementing real processes for real businesses.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Reviews and Feedback
  • An Introduction to Workflow and Business Process Management
    • What is a Workflow?
    • What is a Business Process?
    • What is BPM?
    • What is ProcessMaker?
  • Getting Started with ProcessMaker
    • Installation Steps
    • The Bitnami Application Manager
    • Exploring ProcessMaker Interface
    • ProcessMaker Concepts
  • The ProcessMaker Workflow Designer
    • Process List Actions
    • Process List Columns
    • Process Designer
  • Modelling a Process
    • Create a New Process
    • Add Tasks to the Process
    • Connecting Tasks in the Process
  • Making The Process Comprehensible
    • Shapes Toolbox Continued
    • Tying It All Together
    • Complete the Process Model
  • Building the Process
    • Variables
    • Create the variables
    • Dynaforms
  • The Responsive Dynaform Designer
    • Dynaform Title
    • Dynaform Designer Menu
    • Dynaform Control and Properties Panel
    • Dynaform Container
  • Dynaform Web Controls
    • Creating Variables from the Dynaform Designer
    • Textbox
    • Textarea
    • Dropdown
    • Checkbox
    • Checkgroup
    • Radio
    • Datetime
    • Repositioning a row
    • Suggest
    • Dividing a row
    • Hidden
    • Title and Subtitle
    • Label
    • Link
    • Image
    • File
    • Multiple File Uploader
    • Submit and Button
    • Grid
    • Panel
    • Subform
  • Adding Forms to the Process
    • Building the Form
    • Adding Comments to the Form
    • Debugging Errors in JavaScript
    • Cloning the Form
    • Adding Approval Functionality
    • Another Variant of the form
    • Assigning a form to a task
  • Administering Users in ProcessMaker
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Departments
    • Roles
    • Authentication Sources
    • User Experience
  • Assigning Users to Tasks in a Process
    • Assigning Users and Groups
    • Cyclical Assignment
    • Manual Assignment
    • Comparing Cyclical, Manual and Value Based Assignment
    • Value Based Assignment
    • Reports To
    • Self Service
    • Self Service Value Based Assignment
  • Triggers
    • Trigger Timing
    • Case and System Variables
    • Creating Triggers
    • Testing the Triggers
    • Debugging Triggers
  • Input and Output Documents
    • Input Documents
    • Output Documents
  • Completing the Process
    • Building the Additional Forms
    • Assign the Forms to Tasks
    • Define Routing Rule
    • Configure Assignment Rules
    • Set up Receipt Upload
    • Generate the Expense Report
    • Add some triggers
    • Test the Changes
  • Enhancing the Process
    • Case Labels
    • Email Notifications
    • Pre-filling Form Fields with Triggers
    • Setting Datetime Control Properties
    • Dynaform logic in JavaScript
    • Case Permissions and Case Notes
    • Escalating Unclaimed Cases
    • Testing the enhancements
  • Complex Routing with Gateways
    • Exclusive (XOR) Gateway
    • Parallel (AND) Gateway
    • The Inclusive (OR) Gateway
    • Default Flow
  • Admin Features
    • Settings
    • Plugins
    • Logs
  • Going Mobile
    • ProcessMaker Mobile Apps
    • Deploying to Poduction
  • Installing ProcesMaker on a Cloud Server
    • Getting a DigitalOcean Account
    • Creating your Droplet (Virtual Private Server)
    • Connecting to the Droplet
    • Installing ProcessMaker
    • Take a Snapshot
  • Deploying to Production
    • Get a Free Domain Name
    • Setup DNS
    • Install SSL Certificate
    • Deploying the Process
    • Configuring the mobile app
    • What Next?

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