Beating Violence
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Beating Violence

How to stay safe - a guide for men and women

About the Book

Protecting yourself is the #1 priority

There are far better ways to protect yourself than to learn how to fight better  and in any case, fighting is nothing like you've seen in the movies - fighting is an ugly business.

I'll teach you in simple terms the realities of violence:

  • What real violence looks like.
  • How rape statistics hide the truth.
  • How to change your mindset.
  • How to take responsibility for your safety.
  • What is the role of health and fitness.
  • Which self-defense tools actually work.
  • How to find self-defense classes you'll love.
  • How to use pepper sprays and stun guns.
  • Is a firearm for you? How to get started.
  • How situational awareness will save you.
  • How to de-escalate a violent encounter.
  • How to avoid the freeze response.
  • What laws you need to know.

Enjoy life in safety

My book is aimed at normal people living normal lives - but who want to learn about protecting themselves and others before a violent encounter happens. Because if it happens - and it can happen to you - it'll be too late to think about it.

I discuss exactly how to stay safe in scenarios commonly found at college; at a party or bar, date rape, walking or jogging, as well the best way to handle home invasions, car jacking, domestic violence and even a gunman in the building.

Sample chapters

Self-defense classes are everywhere, from the local YMCA to the strip-mall dojo's. In the first sample chapter you will learn how to recognize a bad school, and find classes you love that will help you.

The second chapter covers tear gas and pepper sprays - do they really work, and should we be carrying them?

Download the sample chapters

Bonus videos

One of the events that prompted this book was the discovery that many so-called self-defense tools just didn't work. They look scary, they sound scary, but no-one was testing them on people. So I did and captured the results on 20 video's that you get exclusive access to.

Contacting the author

Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. You can find me at my website, facebook or twitter

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About the Author

James R Shaw
James R Shaw

I'm an Englishman - and now American citizen - living in Austin, TX with my lovely wife Tara and three great children. I've been a software developer all my professional career but also a serial entrepreneur, race car builder, curious explorer, non-profit founder and Krav Maga student. Living life and having a lot of fun!

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
      • The Resist Attack Foundation
      • The focus of this book
  • Part 1 - Violence In Society
    • What is violence?
      • The media’s role
      • Social media
      • Types of violence
      • Stages of violence
    • Violence Against Women (VAW)
      • Rape statistics
      • The majority of sexual violence
      • Rape Culture
      • Preventing rape
      • What about my right to do whatever I want?
      • Fixing symptoms not the problem?
  • Part 2 - Preparation Before The Attack
    • Choosing your tools
      • The problem with tools
    • Get Your Mind Straight
      • Your responsibility
      • Your mindset
      • Life isn’t fair
      • Permission to be selfish
      • Don’t let your brain fool you
    • Health and Fitness
      • Making changes
      • You have to want to.
      • No dieting; change your lifestyle
      • Diet or Exercise
      • Diet is a 4-letter word
      • The 4-Hour Body
      • The Wild Diet
      • Beware of natural flavors
      • Start to Exercise
      • Building intensity
      • Running
      • In-house exercise classes
      • Local exercise classes
      • Weight training
      • Self-defense training
    • Self-Defense Training and Martial Arts
      • How to spot a McDojo
      • What to look for in a good school
      • What can we practically learn?
      • What styles are best?
      • Train in different environments
      • Good instructors are the key
      • Fighting vs Self-Defense
      • Fighting dirty
    • Tear Gas and Pepper Sprays
      • How to use pepper spray
      • Pepper spray is not perfect
      • What is pepper spray?
      • What is tear gas?
      • Shelf life
      • Legality
      • Traveling with pepper spray
      • What about wasp spray?
    • Stun Guns and TASER Devices
      • A client using a stun gun in anger
      • Stunning myself
      • Bonus videos for my readers
      • Now we only sell ones I’ve tested
      • Stun guns as a deterrent
      • Stun gun “stun” effects
      • Stun guns vs TASER devices
      • Legality
      • Traveling with stun guns
    • Firearms
      • The four rules of gun safety
      • Could you really use a firearm?
      • How to get started
      • Take a class
      • Choosing a firearm for home defense
      • Choosing a firearm for everyday carry
      • Recommendations
      • Legality
      • Traveling with firearms
    • Expandable batons and Kubotans
      • Kubotans
      • Legality
      • Traveling with batons
    • Your New Habits
      • Building new habits
      • Every day habits
  • Part 3 - The Day Of The Attack
    • Situational Awareness
      • Don’t rely on second chances
      • Look around at your location
      • Pay attention to other people
      • The real estate agent dilemma
    • Scenarios
      • On campus
      • At a party or bar
      • Date Rape
      • Walking or jogging
      • Public transport
      • Parking lots and garages
      • Carjacking
      • Kidnapping and Abduction attempts
      • Home invasion
      • Domestic violence
      • Gunman in building
  • Part 4 - The Attack Begins
    • The Attack
      • De-escalation
      • Losing face
      • Predatory violence
      • Chemical changes
      • The freeze response
      • Timing
      • The first swing is really not a swing
  • Part 5 - After The Attack
    • Legal Considerations
      • Self defense
      • Deadly force
      • The Castle Doctrine
      • Defending others
      • Further reading
    • Get Help
      • Survivors guilt and PTSD
      • How can I help?
    • Thank you

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