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YOGURT for All!

YOGURT for Agile Development
YOGURT for Agile & Lean Culture
The following 2 books are included in this bundle...

About the Bundle

Because knowledge is more valuable when you share it.

Because learn-teach-share is good, and it leads to growth altogether.

Because... Sharing is Caring!  


These books are intended to help you in bettering your workplace. 

Please read with patience, and remember to share your feedback.  

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About the Books

YOGURT for Agile Development

YOGURT for Agile Development

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I've been experimenting with different ways of nurturing Agile & Entrepreneurial culture onto teams, companies, projects... and daily life!

Sequence of events inspired me, I woke up one morning and began taking some notes, in a thinking loudly style... With continuous practice, my notes evolved into a book form on the way.

In May.2012 I've self published the first Yogurt book. Since then I got involved in variety of technologies, experimentations... Thereby, I felt the urge to reflect my new experiences onto Yogurt book, by revisiting, revising and extending the contents.

Though, I was so tired of the books written in "how-to" style! It is funny to see there is still plenty of books claim to teach you the magic recipe. e.g. how-to build Agile teams in 10 steps, how-to become master quickly in 4 steps, etc etc.

"You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain." ~ Musashi

My intention is neither to provide any kind of ultimate recipe, nor anything like how-to build better teams in 8 steps! On the contrary, all sections are written with passion, just for the sake of sharing knowledge and my humble experiences.

Here we are… the shiny NEW 2013 edition! 

  • Completely re-designed &  reformatted 
  • Each section has been carefully revised, and extended
  • a new Chapter about GAMIFICATION

In this extended edition, we will enjoy the ride with the flavor of Yogurt here and there, talking about this and that… 

in 8+ sections:

  • 1) People Development
  • 2) Agile - Sharp - Transparent
  • 3) What - Why - How
  • 4) Work is Fun
  • 5) Flow
  • 6) Harmony in Chaos
  • 7) KISMIS
  • 8) the WareNinja Test


This notebook (that’s better than naming it a book) will not give you the ultimate answer to the meaning of Agile Development, neither to life (the answer is surely 42!), but again, finding the ultimate answer is not in scope of that notebook, I doubt the existence of ultimate answer to any question though...

YOGURT for Agile & Lean Culture

YOGURT for Agile & Lean Culture

Discovered thru Practice, Inspired by Nature
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Most of my arguments are based on my own adaptation of Musashi style:  

“Agile & Lean practices must be understood as though the practitioner himself had discovered them from his own mind. Learn about all of them, but never become fond of any.”

My purpose is to make you aware of the many facets of Agile & Lean practices. With that attitude you may analyse any situation, and decide on the best procedures to adapt and apply accordingly. What I hope to do is help you think about workplace culture with more practical and natural ways.

My first book, “Yogurt for Agile Development”, has been floating inside the vast ocean of the virtual world. More than two years have passed since its first publication, though it still feels like yesterday! The feedback I got so far, and with many new experiences accumulated on, delightfully pulled me into writing regularly. 

These efforts have eventually led to the realisation of this new book, which I’m delighted to share with you. 

To hurry things is a poisonous attitude of our century, thereby I’ve tried not to. Instead, I’ve worked to get at it slowly, carefully and thoroughly, always by maintaining a close connection with the experiences.

Why authorship? 

Because knowledge is more valuable when you share it. Because learn-teach-share is good for the soul, and it leads to growth altogether, but mainly because... Sharing is Caring! 


This book contains 4 (four) chapters with subsections related to Toolbox, Compass, Storyline, and Experiential. While each chapter can be regarded and read as self-contained notebook, still they are all interconnected. 


> Chapter.1 : A Primer on Agile Mindset 

    >> 1.1 Finding the Direction 

    >> 1.2 Overview and Terminology 

    >> 1.3 Caveats: Beware of the Downsides 

> Chapter.2 : Set of Techniques for the Foundation 

    >> 2.1 Fibonacci Pairing: Learning through Collaboration  

    >> 2.2 Common Language as a Contextual Medium  

    >> 2.3 Slicing, Timeboxing, and matters of Sharpness   

    >> 2.4 Forming Teams as Organisms  

    >> 2.5 The importance of ‘Naming’  

    >> 2.6 Presence and Ownership  

> Chapter.3 : COMPASS for Continuous Delivery  

    >> 3.1 The Foundational Aspects  

    >> 3.2 The Five C’s in Action  

> Chapter.4 Experiential Learnings : once upon a time  

    >> 4.1 A Practical Storyline in Action  

    >> 4.2 About Remote Teams  


If this book inspires you, how delightful would that make the humble author myself. 

Please read with patience, and remember to share your feedback.

About the Author

Yılmaz Güleryüz
Yılmaz Güleryüz

Yilmaz Guleryuz is a flaneur... from Turkiye, living in Norway. 

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