Victorian Age Fiction Featuring MELVINA
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Victorian Age Fiction Featuring MELVINA

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This bundle is to support the launch of Melvina, The Color of Power.  It comes with Melvina, The Paths of the Brokenhearted, and The Next Level of Fiction Anthology. Each book is another adventure into the Next Level of Fiction.  

Take a trip back in time with the historical fiction Melvina, The Color of Power. Based on the real life of Melvina Massey. 

The Paths of the Brokenhearted is a bloodlust steampunk novella, set in 1880 San Francisco. These vampires eat their food and do not glitter. 

Last is the Next Level of Fiction anthology, chock full of the stories you wanna read. Robert Manis, Rachel Holt, CRIME-PHYTER and the Dragon Warriors. 

Do enjoy 

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The Color of Power
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Our story opens in 1884 with the discovery of a murdered prostitute in Deadwood, South Dakota. U.S. Marshal Seth Bullock arrives at the scene and reviews the evidence splattered over the body. He then decides that it is time to interview the most notorious Madam in the Red River Valley, MELVINA.

What made Melvina Massey so mysterious? Was it her racial ambiguity, or the fact that she leverages this at every turn? Why do prosecutors set up fake witnesses to convict her? How does a 63 year old woman pass for 49, was she really that beautiful? Was she a successful brothel owner or bootlegger, which is true?

In 1900, an older seductive woman in her 60s rides a lonely train car. Her destination is far different today than it was twenty years ago. She closes her eyes and remembers that first trip to Fargo. Back then in 1881, she shares a car with a very pretentious young woman, dead set on evangelism and ridding the northern territory of the scourge of mankind. ALCOHOL. The woman clad in black from head to toe, her red hair and snow white skin are a perfect contrast to her drab clothing. Juxtaposed to the drab and righteous, sits the opposite in every way. Melvina is 40 but looks at least 20 years younger, fashioned in white to include her bonnet, shoes, and umbrella.  Melvina, the mulatto from the east. Her presence takes the air out of the room, a woman so striking that most do not venture to guess her ethnicity. No, they are admiring her beauty and primal considerations of race are not welcome. Melvina Massey is every inch of seduction.

Unsolved murders, deceit, sickness, political intrigue, statehood, affairs of the heart, will come to pass, but bitterness will stand between these two women until the end.

Come with me as I take you on a journey back in time, to discover a family's distant relative and the true color of power... MELVINA.

This is a speculative historical fiction based on the real Melvina Massey, written with permission from her descendants. 


"This story was about Melvina Massey, but there is  a ton of other characters involved in this story, and since third person omniscient is used, the reader is in their head as well. This was probably what scaled back the excitement for me a bit.  I would’ve preferred to see it through Melvina’s eyes alone and omniscient doesn’t give me that opportunity. I was delighted to have a chance at reading and reviewing this piece of history. I came to the very real conclusion that this is not only the Massey family history, but it is African American history. It is a raw account of what not only passing Black women would sometimes resort to do to support themselves, but it is what women resorted to in such a male dominated era.  Just based on that incredible foreword alone, and the ending I would recommend it.  If you are a history buff and you love to take a journey into the past give Melvina:The Color of Power a read.T. Austin"

Paths of the Brokenhearted

a bloodlust steampunk novella
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The wire read “Similia similibus curantur Similar things cure similar things.” It was no code, no hidden message. It was sent in the plain and the deeper message it revealed had the desired effect as Katherine Pettigrew ran into the foyer of their ancestral home. She stood proud and defiant and shouted “Evil ones are on the move once again and once again it falls upon us to rein them in.” She lifted her hands to the sky and turned counter clockwise. “Smoke of air and fire and earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear; only good may enter here.” This is the beginning of the end of the Vampire pure bloods.Centuries earlier, in a last ditch effort to end the Vampire revolt, they entered into a pact with a powerful witch to summon the demon that consumed their kind, Caleb, son of Lilith, the Vampire eater. The demon did his job too well, literally decimating the vampires in the east and forcing a surrender. The solution was imprisoned by the witch and the vampire pure bloods retreated to the west and the new world. Centuries later murders and vampire signs are on the rise forcing the Brokenhearted to once again take action. Pawns or puppeteers, which are they? Are vampires really on the rise? or are they being set up? What ever you believe there is one thing that is certain, Caleb will be unleashed and vampires will surely die.

The Fictional Worlds of James Lee Nathan III

Next Level Fiction
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    This book is a consolidation of earlier novellas and novels. It serves as a primer of my work in urban drama and fantasies; science fiction and erotica. URBAN Drama- No Brakes 2 -Two party girls, a group of wise guys, and female muggers are all the prey of a sadistic killer. Their main goal is to survive the night.

    URBAN DRAMA SCIFI - CRIME-PHYTER -  it is 1970 a wealthy NYC financier loses his wife and son to the crime-plagued streets of NY and takes a decade to extract his vengeance on the perps. No masks, no capes, only JUSTICE.

    URBAN FANTASY SCIFI - IBRAHIM UNITES - A depressed veteran, seeks answers to his family's origins, and receives help from a mystical stranger as their destinies become aligned in purpose to thwart the rise of evil.

    PARANORMAL - Paths of the Brokenhearted - The wire read “Similia similibus curantur Similar things cure similar things.” It was no code, no hidden message. It was sent in the plain and the deeper message it revealed had the desired effect as Katherine Pettigrew ran into the foyer of their ancestral home. She stands proud and defiant and shouts “Evil ones are on the move once again and once again it falls upon us to rein them in.” She lifted her hands to the sky and turned counter clockwise. “Smoke of air and fire and earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear; only good may enter here.” This is the beginning of the end of the Vampire pure-bloods.

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