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This is the bundle for all my book that use Python

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About the Books

Python Combat Guide

A comprehensive manual about tricks, good practices and coding style for hands on Software Developer Managers and Developers
  • 116


  • 405


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  • PDF

Python 3 Combat Guide

Is a practical guide, to setup projects from zero, or to improve existing ones.

V. 1.08 (108 - 2022-05-11) across 403 pages DIN A4, in PDF format DRM-free, provides comprehensive explanations with code samples, tips and trick, nice to do and don't-do-this.

Is a very practical guide, covering many aspects, talking superficially about many things interesting things to know like using Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Infrastructure as code, Blue/green, canary deployment, git... and going in deep to some good practices, with a lot of source code samples.

Explain how to setup Unit Testing with pytest from the scratch, PyCharm and does some practical TDD with examples.

Make easy to use Virtual Environments and how to create your own PIP Packages.

What is it?

A very practical hands on manual for companies working with Python 3.6 or greater (and moving from Python 2.7 to Python 3).

I explain my experience working in several actual projects, different sizes and teach good practices.

Like the title suggest is a Combat Guide: read it and start crushing it!.

Is the Master Class that your best friend working in a multinational will teach you to help to improve how you and your Team work.

Having in consideration Operations Engineers, SRE and SysAdmins, it explains how to move from Procedural code to OOP, and how and why to use Interfaces and Base classes (Parent) and children (subclasses).

I use practical examples, and compare Bash and Python for different scenarios, and I show pytest Unit Testing from the scratch.

Probably you'll love it if you know Java or PHP cause in 5 hours will enable you to write code in Python.

I also provide a very simple Flask Web Application, so you see how easy it is, a mini OOP application working against MySQL in Docker, a simple SQLITE3 example, a simple GUI TKinter LDAP application, Cron Jobs that send email, Sorting Data Structures using .sort(), sorted() and lambdas, Docker samples...

When possible instructions are provided for Ubuntu Linux, Mac Os X and Windows.


I reduced the price suggested to $15 with a minimum of $11.

You may still benefit from offers handled from LeanPub, and bundles.

Special Covid-19

I released this guide during coronavirus quarantine, in Ireland, in early 2020.

This is a technical guide, intended to serve to all level of Medium-Senior Developers and to SDMs (SDM - Software Development Managers).

Also useful for Team Leads and Project Managers..

It is not a basic manual, however I want to give a chance to non-tech people to learn how to program in Python, so they can get a good life or in the case of the scientists and academics that lost their jobs in the universities and need to go back to the market. Many of them use tools like Jupyter Notebook with Python, so they only need a Master Class and examples to empower them to work in modern projects, with Git, Unit Testing, nice good practices, Team work...

What is not?

A typical manual to learn Python for beginners.

If you're looking for this, this is not your book.

Is focused on writing CLI programs, Crons, Unit Testing and shows some Flask but does not cover Django.

It is not a manual to learn specific Python language features in deep.

Code is based in Python 3.6.

Does not cover new features on Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 or 3.10 as the code I write tries to work across many different versions of Python deployed in Servers running them.

It is not specialized in Performance. I mention some tricks for performance, but I don't explain functools.

Neither explain Architecture Patterns like Event Queues or Microservices. Or how to write API's, there are many books for that.

It just go for pointing the effective way to build CMD Line applications, Crons, use Dependency Injection, and Unit Testing in a very professional way.

Also cover certain common sense aspects for working in Team, good practices, and some Scaling tricks.

So basically allowing SRE, DevOps and Managers to improve the way they run Command Line Applications, Server side scripting, Server Monitoring...

Currently I don't cover Google Cloud Python Engine or Amazon AWS lambda with Python, although I have plans to do it.

I think you will learn many useful things, but if you buy it and you are not satisfied, please feel free to return it. When you buy it you have a period of time to return it, which at the moment of this writing is 45 days. I only had one return, and it was a professional editorial that wanted to sell the book in the States and world wide. But honestly, I like to keep all the rights and to be able to communicate with you and to update the book often. ;)

Is the code in gitlab?

Yes, most of the code is in gitlab, so you can download and just run it.

However is better to follow the book, as there are some errors intended, in order to show what not to do, and without reading the book you'll not understand it.

Even if you didn't buy the book, feel free to download the source code in gitlab:

The Python with MySQL in Docker sample application can be downloaded from here:

Updates to this version 1.08 2022-05-11:

  • Added an example of .copy() for Arrays and mention to deepcopy
  • Example on how to sort a dictionary of key/counter
  • Improvements to MT Notation updated
  • Added packages recommended: colorama, pynput, bisect
  • Added Personal WebServer examples.
  • Added examples of Python misbehaving with Floats.
  • Explanations about redefining reserved keywords like print or exit as a variable.
  • Style modification to add lines over the line number and over the Footnote.

Python 3 Exercises for beginners

Easy exercises for starting coders
  • 223


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  • PDF

This book pretends to fill a gap between the Python books.

Written by Carles Mateo, with Sandra Soriano and Albert Ballart as coautors, when Carles was teaching to different students he realized that there is a gap, between the moment the person is starting to program and finds no exercises easy enough to do. They are too difficult. Like in hackerrank.

This book provides very easy exercises to learn easily, and explanations abut the solutions achieved.

Then the difficulty increases, and the explanations provide a very valuable knowledge absorbed quickly and easily. Also examples that will clarify very basic doubts and not so basic ones.

It also provides useful recipes and samples, like building text menu applications, receiving input from keyboard, or using library paramiko to SSH to a Server with username and password and execute a command. Also I show how I created a Battleship game, a Guess my number game, a Tic Tac Toe, graphics generation...

This book is written in three languages:

  • English (Main)
  • Catalan
  • Spanish

Everything is available in the three languages.

Docker Combat Guide

The Docker Guide for Software Developers
  • 197


  • 100%


  • PDF

First published : 2021-09-10

Current version: 2022-07-27 v.29

A 197 Full-size DIN-A4 size pages in PDF format, DRM-free, super effective for Developers in order to learn by examples how to use Docker (70% of the book) and Docker SDK for Python 3 (20%).

Docker allows you to run identical environment in Development that in Production.

Docker allows you to work with images that are equal in all you Servers, are immutable. If one works bad, you simply kill that Container and start another, new.

Docker is also very System Administrator, DevOps and SRE oriented, as it requires a lot of Linux understanding, so if you're a Software Developer you may not know how powerful it is.

This guide is created specifically for Software Developers in Python, PHP, Java, that want to discover the power of Docker Containers with easy examples. Although most of the examples use Python.

It covers creating Docker in workstations running:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

This is not an extensive guide for System Administrators, DevOps and SREs.

This is a guide for Developers that want to start using Docker super quickly, by using examples from different projects. Also explains the usage of docker-compose and the Volumes and bind mounts for persistence.

The guide offers source code and the link to a repository, so you can just clone the code from there.


2022-07-29 v.27

  • Automatically restart the Containers
  • Added a Docker Container example with RabbitMQ and Python using it with package pika

2022-07-25 v.25

  • Show how to install Jenkins with plugin Blue Ocean for Pipelines and persistent Volumes
  • Show usage of USER command in Dockerfile
  • Explaining WORKDIR
  • Explaining ARG
  • Explaining ENV
  • Overriding ENV variables from Command Line
  • Overriding or setting ENV variables from Command Line using a file and the argument --env-file

2022-07-03 v.24

How to use different users in Dockerfile and in Interactive Sessions.

Showing how to run a jenkins containerized.

2022-06-21 v.23

Explained differences between docker export and save.

Fixed a typo referring to docker ls instead of docker ps.

Show how to use docker logs.

2022-04-25 v.22

Updated Dockerfile for packages being updated and asking for interactive input.

Display how to install ping and ssh client and interact to Windows and Mac hosts from inside the Docker Container by using host.docker.internal.

2022-02-15 v.20

Added some tricks, like clearing the logs, using some tools, and using Docker in Windows from command line without activating Docker Desktop.

2022-01-20 v.19

Full Source code of the SDK sample Python 3 demo application uploaded to Extras.

2021-11-24 v.18

Added the usage of a Software to reverse engineering an image and getting the original Dockerfile.

Added a typical copy and paste error to Troubleshoot section.

Automating and Provisioning to Amazon AWS using boto3 SDK for...

Code written for boto3 Python3 SDK v.1.20
  • 128


  • 100%


  • PDF

Creation Date: 2021-10-01

Last Update: 2022-01-16 v. 16

This book covers the Amazon SDK for Python 3: boto3.

Across 128 pages, DIN-A4 full size, PDF only, DRM-free, it explains, since the beginning, how to create a CLI (Command Line Interface) application that uses Amazon's boto3 Python SDK to interact with Amazon AWS and do operations like:

  • Pass different credentials to boto3 as text (not just having on the default file locations)
  • Create new Instances
  • Start, Stop a Instance
  • Stop all the running instances
  • Start all the stopped instances
  • List Instances
  • Using tags
  • Create, Add, Remove, EBS Volumes
  • Create S3 Buckets, upload files, download files, list objects on a bucket
  • Add CloudWatch Alerts
  • Create tables in DynamoDB and perform Inserts
  • Also includes how to deploy AWS group of instances from Ansible, and install Apache to one of the group through an Ansible Playbook


Full Source Code included.

It's completely hands on, and most of the book is code and explanations related, so you'll be able to code your own Automations for Amazon and save many hours or investigation and try and error.

It teaches you all the stuff you need to Automate Operations against Amazon AWS with Python 3.

The programs are tested to work with Ubuntu Linux, but they should work on any Linux distro, on Mac and Windows. (with the exception of chmod which is a specific command for Linux and Mac, and one Bash sample for Ansible which uses grep, another specific utility for Linux)

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