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All the Books of The Medical Futurist

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Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health devices, and other emerging trends are driving a revolution in healthcare. AI is being used to improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes, while wearable devices and remote monitoring technologies are enabling patients to take charge of their own health and well-being. These technologies are also helping to address some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare systems today, from rising costs to physician shortages.

This bundle is a comprehensive collection of 10 books that offer insight into the latest trends and innovations that are shaping the future of healthcare.

The Medical Futurist Book Bundle provides a roadmap to this rapidly evolving landscape, helping readers to understand the latest trends and technologies and prepare themselves for the future of healthcare. By exploring topics such as the Hype Cycle of emerging digital health trends, the future of hospitals, and the impact of tech giants on healthcare, the books offer a comprehensive and nuanced view of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

  1. A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  2. Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma
  3. Tech Giants in Healthcare
  4. The Technological Future of Medical Specialties
  5. Hackers, Breaches and the Value of Health Data
  6. Invest In Digital Health - The Medical Futurist's Guide
  7. Top 20 Digital Health Trends For The Near Future
  8. Practical Guide About Digital Health For Medical Professionals
  9. Hype Cycle Of The Top 50 Emerging Digital Health Trends
  10. A Guide To The Future Of Hospitals

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, it is more important than ever for healthcare professionals, investors, and anyone interested in the future of healthcare to stay informed and up-to-date.

Whether you are a healthcare professional looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, an investor seeking to identify new opportunities, or simply someone interested in the future of healthcare, The Medical Futurist Book Bundle is an essential resource:

  • For medical and healthcare professionals, the bundle provides critical insights into how technology is revolutionizing patient care, and what skills and knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve.
  • For people working in pharma, the books offer a deep dive into the latest technologies that are transforming drug development and delivery.
  • For investors, the bundle provides a roadmap to the most promising digital health trends and opportunities.
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About the Books

Hype Cycle Of The Top 50 Emerging Digital Health Trends

45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    Digital technologies have completely transformed our lives in the last couple of years and started to entirely reshape the landscape of healthcare. Yet, this is only the beginning. Huge waves of changes are on their way. The future of healthcare is shaping up in front of our eyes with advances in digital healthcare technologies.

    In this latest research, we are sharing the Hype Cycle Of The Top 50 Emerging Digital Health Trends.

    1. Quantum Computing
    2. 3D Bioprinting
    3. Facial recognition in hospitals
    4. Vocal biomarkers
    5. 3D printing prosthetics
    6. Robots in hospitals
    7. Augmented reality in patient education
    8. A.I. in drug design
    9. Augmented reality in medical education
    10. Medical transportation platforms
    11. Private 5G in healthcare
    12. At-home lab tests
    13. 3D printing drugs
    14. Medical drones
    15. A.I. in diagnostics
    16. Voice-to-text apps
    17. A.I. in medical decision-making
    18. Nutrigenomics
    19. 3D printing equipment
    20. Virtual reality in patient education
    21. Chatbots
    22. Portable diagnostic devices
    23. Augmented reality in surgery
    24. Portable ultrasound devices
    25. Virtual reality in staff training
    26. Robots in rehabilitation
    27. A.I.-based prosthetics
    28. Longevity research
    29. Nutrition devices
    30. Employee wellness programs
    31. Exoskelotons
    32. Clinical trial recruiting
    33. Clinical trial management
    34. Remote care apps
    35. Cloud computing
    36. Nutrition apps
    37. Robot companions
    38. Medication management solutions
    39. Personal genomics services
    40. Microbiome testing
    41. Remote care platforms
    42. Digital health insurance
    43. Smartwatches
    44. Wearable health devices
    45. Personal Health Records
    46. Electronic Medical Records
    47. Smartphone health apps
    48. Mental health apps
    49. Fitness trackers
    50. Virtual reality in pain management

    We want this e-book to act as a handbook of digital health. By describing each trend as it is and explaining why it received a particular place on the hype cycle, we aim to give you more clarity about where healthcare is heading to. 

    Tech Giants in Healthcare

    45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    Big tech companies like Amazon, Google/Alphabet, Apple, IBM and Microsoft are taking their move into healthcare and medicine seriously. They are developing new, health-related features on their platforms. They are also teaming up with research institutions and developers to create new tools for patients, doctors and other stakeholder in medicine – and they are heavily investing in partnerships with start-ups or launching new ventures. This guide details how and why the move of the big tech companies happens to healthcare.

    A Guide To The Future Of Hospitals

    Learn how hospitals of the future will be designed, and what technologies will be used in hospitals to change the healthcare experience for all. 60-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
    • 175


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    The COVID pandemic has revealed the fragility of healthcare systems and how clinics and hospitals were completely unprepared for the crisis.

    However, this is just part of a bigger problem. Around the world, populations are getting older, and their health needs are becoming more complex. In many ways, healthcare facilities are still stuck in the 20th century and are long overdue for a top-to-bottom overhaul with digital health leading the way.

    Technological advances are changing healthcare delivery. In this book, A Guide To The Future Of Hospitals we explore how hospitals will innovate in the coming decades, and what this innovation will mean for both patients and healthcare professionals.

    We think there will be hospitals even 30 years from now; however, their role will be different and they will cover a specific group of treatments and healthcare processes.

    We hope this comprehensive review will arm policymakers, healthcare professionals, and people on the business side of care to better see what is coming and what the hospital of the future will be like.

    Invest In Digital Health - The Medical Futurist's Guide

    45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    Digital health had another standout year in 2021, with startups raising an eye-popping $29.1 billion across 729 deals, according to Rock Health, a venture fund dedicated to digital health. Will the digital health market sustain this record level of growth in 2022?

    Seeing this growth, now it's a good time to talk about the motives of investment firms and explore the hidden gems of digital health investments: which trends stand out and more importantly, how to assess the technologies and companies that pop up.

    In this book, we are sharing insights into the most innovative companies and technologies in digital health, and Artificial Intelligence:

    1 . Digital Health By The Numbers: The global digital health market was valued at over 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. According to recent forecasts, this figure is expected to exceed 500 billion dollars by 2024. What will be the leading drivers of this growth?

    2. Where To Invest? The Top 24 Digital Health Technologies: From Virtual Reality, through Artificial Intelligence to At-home lab tests, what are the top technologies to look out for

    3. Key Learnings from Successful and Failed Startups: Why meeting real-life patient/clinical needs is key and overhype should be avoided

    We hope you will find our publication a useful addition to the toolset of investors to find the next big thing in digital health and A.I. that can make the lives of patients and the job of medical professionals better.

    Hackers, Breaches and the Value of Health Data

    Get a picture of the state of privacy today in healthcare, and about the vision digital health can bring to the future. 60-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    Along with the enhanced healthcare landscape that digital health brings along like remote care, A.I. tools or 3D printing, there is the pressing issue of privacy. How secure is secure data? Is my health data on my smartphone/fitness device safe? Can Google, Amazon, or Facebook buy my health records from my hospital? Can I have an influence on who in the hospital can see and read my records? Today, everyone needs to understand that there is no digital health without sacrificing a part of our privacy. The advanced technologies fueling the transformation cannot improve without our data; and without it they can’t be implemented as part of regular medical care. And COVID-19 has only made things worse.

    In the age of digital health, it’s not a question of whether we should do this but how we can do it in a way that protects what is valuable and vulnerable. 

    Such a discussion is at the centerpiece of our new e-book “Hackers, Breaches and the Value of Health Data” In it, we describe the three cornerstones of privacy of every privacy discussion going forward: the traditional, the new and the future spheres that deal with your health data, and put forward recommendations on how you can start protecting yourself.

    Privacy and security issues pertaining to the digital health era are complex and multifactorial. These aren’t likely to get any simpler as more and more advanced technologies get integrated into the field. As such, every stakeholder in the healthcare landscape must contemplate the need for change – yourself included.

    A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    Medical Professionals, A.I. And The Art Of Medicine. 45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    In the last couple of years, artificial intelligence moved from being a futuristic promise into a reference point for innovation. The technology also started to transform healthcare with great vigor. It’s high time to talk about what artificial intelligence brings to medicine.

    • What do machine learning, deep learning, or convolutional networks mean?
    • What are the most affected medical fields?
    • What are the greatest challenges for applying smart algorithms to healthcare settings?
    • What could the future bring?
    • What are the top use cases for artificial intelligence in healthcare during the next decade?
    • What are the benefits of the exchange of knowledge between humans and machines?
    • What social and ethical implications do we need to address?

    Read The Medical Futurist’s guide to understand what you can anticipate from A.I. in healthcare and how to control this technology.

    • Understand: Get a clear overview of the key concepts.
    • Anticipate: Learn how to identify the opportunities and potential use cases of A.I. in healthcare and medicine.
    • Control: Recognize and act upon the risks and implications of artificial intelligence.

    Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma

    Helping the pharma industry prepare, anticipate and solve whatever digital health brings upon us. 45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    We designed this e-book to serve as a collection of relevant examples, best practices and exciting ideas that can help any pharmaceutical company prepare for change. Many pharma companies have been trying to hop on the “digital train”. This e-book was meant to prove that instead of a train of innovation, stakeholders should think in terms of spaceships and while there is still time to embrace digital health and patient empowerment, those that do it faster will get exponentially ahead of their competitors.

    Top 20 Digital Health Trends For The Near Future

    45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    In previous years, The Medical Futurist published annual e-books about digital health trends regarding potential developments that were worth keeping an eye on for that particular year. Based on our analyses and forecasts, these trends help give a bigger picture regarding the direction that the field was heading towards during that year; even though not all forecasts came to fruition.

    This current e-book also shares our insights about noteworthy trends based on similar analyses. However, unlike our previous annual trends e-books, we do not restrict ourselves to a current year but look at the short-term future now, with the developments likely to happen in the next 2-5 years. Moreover, we don’t only focus on these insights but also help in providing context about those trends and relevant technologies in general.

    In this book, we elaborate on 20 trends that we have been constantly monitoring and that we believe will have the most importance in shaping the digital health landscape in the near future:

    1. Patient empowerment is the biggest milestone in the history of medicine
    2. Lifestyle medicine is the redesign primary care has needed
    3. Globalised healthcare brings precision medicine to life
    4. Pharma companies & digital health: packaging a medication with a digital health service
    5. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing has an edge in drug sensitivity
    6. Nutrigenomics is the biggest promise of digital health
    7. Food scanners are lagging behind
    8. ECG devices have led the regulatory race for portable diagnostic devices
    9. A.I.-guided portable ultrasound devices are the unicorns of digital health
    10. The conscious health consumer of the future uses sensors and loses privacy
    11. Virtual visits and chatbots represent the new primary care
    12. Artificial Intelligence needs a prospective upgrade and the video game industry can help
    13. Bioprinting: It is possible to bioprint living tissues but not organs
    14. 3D printing can customize treatments and supplement the medical supply chain
    15. The automation race defines whether A.I. can outperform physicians
    16. COVID-19 has catalyzed technological adoption, but not the cultural one
    17. Mixed reality can transform virtual meetings and medical education
    18. Virtual reality can help ease pain for patients in the hospital
    19. Robots only roam rich hospitals and pharmacies
    20. Digital health insurance companies will have no competitors

    Each section contains an aspect that we wanted to highlight about that technology or trend based on our analyses by studying the field for years. We also walk you through that area with relevant descriptions and examples that we find interesting. Additionally, we include further reading suggestions at the end of every section which you can turn to so as to dive deeper into the subject.

    The Technological Future of Medical Specialties

    45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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    Every medical specialty will transform differently due to the technological revolution. On certain fields, such as nursing, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, innovation will have much less impact than on dentistry, cardiology or pathology. In this e-book we specify in detail how the appearance of artificial intelligence, sensors, wearables, VR/AR or robots affect each medical specialty in order to be able to discern what skills physicians will need in the future.

    We aim to show how physicians of the various professions can successfully prepare for the sweeping changes coming with the waves of technology. We want to go against the fears that artificial intelligence, robots or any other innovative solutions will take over doctors’ jobs. While digital technologies certainly have the capacity to take over administrative tasks, organizational processes or even simpler diagnostic steps, the expertise of medical professionals is irreplaceable. Especially if they recognize that their jobs can be much more efficient, creative or even fun if they embrace digital technologies. At the moment, as these innovations are still in the early days of their usage, that doesn’t always seem so.

    However, we are certain that technologies will unburden doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the long run, especially if they learn in time how to cooperate with technologies successfully. Here’s our guide on how to do that.

    Practical Guide About Digital Health For Medical Professionals

    100% Free eBook for Medical Professionals to learn more about Digital Health. Download for free.
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    Our vision at The Medical Futurist is to build a community of empowered patients, future-oriented healthcare professionals, concerned health policymakers, sensible health tech developers and enthusiastic medical students, and make this leap forward together. We do research and studies about and for the advancement of digital transformation, from theory to direct impact, and help individuals, institutions as well as governments in the process.

    Today, when people Google their symptoms, ask ChatGPT and use digital health technologies even before going to the doctor, it is more important than ever to be updated on the digital developments in healthcare and navigate through questions of digital health-related issues. That is why we created this short guide for medical professionals. It helps for ways of listening and answering patients’ questions related to digital health issues and offers a framework on how to respond to the latest challenges in patient-doctor communication in the 21st century.

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