Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm, Data Structures and Java Coding Bootcamp
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Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm, Data Structures and Java Coding Bootcamp

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Algorithm Guide: From Beginner to Advanced

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Discrete Mathematical Algorithm, and Data Structure

Major Components of Mathematics, and Computer Science Explained with the help of C, C++, PHP, Java, C#, Python, and Dart
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Readers will learn discrete mathematical abstracts as well as its implementation in algorithm and data structures.

I have shown examples using various programming languages.

I have used as C, C++, PHP, Java, C#, Python and Dart. This book combines two major components of Mathematics and Computer Science under one roof.

Firstly, without the core conceptions and tools derived from discrete mathematics, one cannot understand the abstract or the general idea involving algorithm and data structures in Computer Science.

Secondly, the objects of data structures are basically objects of discrete mathematics.

As a result, this book tries to bridge the gap between two major components of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Finally, in any computer science course, studying discrete mathematics is essential, although they are taught separately.

Certainly, there is exception and that proves the rule. Yet, a comprehensive book, combining these two major components, is hard to find out.

Not only that, it is almost impossible to understand one without the help of other.

Consequently, I hope, this book will fill the gap.

Therefore, readers will learn discrete mathematical abstracts as well as its implementation in algorithm and data structures.

Since readers use different programming languages, I try to show examples in different programming languages.

I have used C, C++, PHP, Java, C#, Python and Dart. However, another very basic concept of programing language has motivated me to use such disparate languages.

After all, basic concepts are same in every language. Especially the algorithm and data structure concepts. Although the syntax is different.

As this book combines two major components of Computer Science under one roof, I hope students of Computer Science may find some food for thought.

The book covers the following chapters, you see below, although it’s quite tentative, as it might change a little bit while writing the book.


More than Hundred Difficult Problems with Solutions - Explained Step by Step, Designed for Absolute Beginners
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Here, in this first Java bootcamp, we will start writing code first. If you cannot take a short swim in the pool, you cannot learn swimming. Therefore, we will learn about objects and classes, primitive data types, arrays, logical if-else, switch-case, loop constructs, etc by solving problems.

Let us start with small programs, the result follows; since it is caused by some phenomenon, we will learn the theory thereafter. We will study the problem first, then we solve it and practice some more relevant problems. After that we will discuss theory.

In this way, we will learn how to find Prime, Palindromic Prime, Duck, Armstrong or Narcissistic Number, Special Number, etc. We will learn the Algorithm behind every code.

After all, we want to build many applications with the help of Java, that is our main purpose of learning Java. Although the Abstraction stays behind the curtain, we will learn them with the help of our problems.

As we progress, by solving more than 100 problems from simple to complex, we will learn the Java language basics and its related core concepts.

This book will empower computer science and programming students to learn the language basics of Java; so that, they could build applications in Java. It is for the first time that a book with a "problems-solutions-explanations" approach using “Direct Method”; it is like an intensive coding bootcamp where participants will take active part to develop their logical and analytical thinking so that they could solve interactive problems. For that reason, we will get our head around the basics of Data Structures and Algorithm also.

We are learning the language basics of Java together to solve many types of problems first. It will help us to build applications that are discussed in the next Java bootcamp series, where we will develop applications.

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