Digital Transformation in Healthcare
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Digital Transformation in Healthcare

About the Bundle

The healthcare industry is entering the era of digital innovation, as patients seek on-demand healthcare. Learn how to adapt to this new era from our bundle:

  1. Where To Invest in Digital Health? Good investments, bad investments, and tales from the industry
  2. How Secure is Healthcare Data? Get a picture of the state of privacy today in healthcare
  3. What is the Technological Future of Medical Specialties? Learn how artificial intelligence, sensors, wearables, VR/AR and robots affect each medical specialty
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About the Books

Invest In Digital Health - The Medical Futurist's Guide

Where To Invest in Digital Health? Good Investments, Bad Investments: Tales From The Industry
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At The Medical Futurist, we don’t usually deal with investment-related news and announcements. We never share investment rounds or press releases coming from incubators and venture capital firms.

However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t keep a close eye on all these developments.

Moreover, the mission we stand by indicates that we actively support the digital health and artificial intelligence start-up community; we are in close contact with many founders and we do share news and contexts that those incubators use.

The pandemic has just made this involvement even more prominent in our work. Good digital health investments these days cannot only provide a more optimistic vision for healthcare, but can shape how we deal with COVID-19 too.

So, it was time to share how we assess the quality and promise of digital health and A.I. start-ups and technologies; how we make a decision whether to feature a report or announcement on our channels; and how in general we try to make sense of all the changes around healthcare when it comes to investments.

We shared those 24 technological trends we find the most promising by also highlighting some specific areas that are worth following. And we included good and bad examples of the past couple of years about investment stories.

I hope you will find our publication a useful addition to the toolset of investors to find the next big thing in digital health and A.I. that can make the lives of patients and the job of medical professionals better.

Privacy In The Digital Health Era

Get a picture of the state of privacy today in healthcare, and about the vision digital health can bring to the future.
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Along with the enhanced healthcare landscape that digital health brings along like remote care, A.I. tools or 3D printing, there is the pressing issue of privacy. How secure is secure data? Is my health data on my smartphone/fitness device safe? Can Google, Amazon, or Facebook buy my health records from my hospital? Can I have an influence on who in the hospital can see and read my records? Today, everyone needs to understand that there is no digital health without sacrificing a part of our privacy. The advanced technologies fueling the transformation cannot improve without our data; and without it they can’t be implemented as part of regular medical care. And COVID-19 has only made things worse.

In the age of digital health, it’s not a question of whether we should do this but how we can do it in a way that protects what is valuable and vulnerable. 

Such a discussion is at the centerpiece of our new e-book “Privacy In The Digital Health Era: What You Need To Know.” In it, we describe the three cornerstones of privacy of every privacy discussion going forward: the traditional, the new and the future spheres that deal with your health data, and put forward recommendations on how you can start protecting yourself.

Privacy and security issues pertaining to the digital health era are complex and multifactorial. These aren’t likely to get any simpler as more and more advanced technologies get integrated into the field. As such, every stakeholder in the healthcare landscape must contemplate the need for change – yourself included.

The Technological Future of Medical Specialties - 2021 Edition

45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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Every medical specialty will transform differently due to the technological revolution. On certain fields, such as nursing, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, innovation will have much less impact than on dentistry, cardiology or pathology. In this e-book we specify in detail how the appearance of artificial intelligence, sensors, wearables, VR/AR or robots affect each medical specialty in order to be able to discern what skills physicians will need in the future.

We aim to show how physicians of the various professions can successfully prepare for the sweeping changes coming with the waves of technology. We want to go against the fears that artificial intelligence, robots or any other innovative solutions will take over doctors’ jobs. While digital technologies certainly have the capacity to take over administrative tasks, organizational processes or even simpler diagnostic steps, the expertise of medical professionals is irreplaceable. Especially if they recognize that their jobs can be much more efficient, creative or even fun if they embrace digital technologies. At the moment, as these innovations are still in the early days of their usage, that doesn’t always seem so.

However, we are certain that technologies will unburden doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the long run, especially if they learn in time how to cooperate with technologies successfully. Here’s our guide on how to do that.

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