Colour Coded Scale and Arpeggio Fingering Charts for Pianists
Colour Coded Scale and Arpeggio Fingering Charts for Pianists
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Colour Coded Scale and Arpeggio Fingering Charts for Pianists

Colour Coded Scale Fingering Chart For Pianists
Colour Coded Arpeggio Fingering Chart For Pianists

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For only $7, receive both the colour coded scale and arpeggio fingering charts. These charts make learning and memorising scales and arpeggios easier. These charts include both a one octave treble clef score of the scale or arpeggio and a two octave keyboard view of the scale or arpeggio fingering. 

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About the Author


Over the past 15 years, Li-San has taught over 200 different students individually, in partners and in groups, including children from the age of 3, teenagers, adults and seniors. She currently teaches students ranging from the absolute beginner to very advanced pianist, including those sitting for diploma or high school certificate exams, in the subjects of Piano, Theory of Music and Musicianship. 

Li-San also teaches uniquely designed and age appropriate Pre-School Piano Lessons for the beginner aged 3-4 years of age using a variety of activities in the lesson, including piano playing, rhythm tapping, listening and discerning musical patterns and pitches, and simple composing. Li-San has seen the benefits of starting a child as young as 3 years old using coloured notes and fun characters to aid in reading music, with those children gaining an enthusiasm for music and piano playing that lasts for years to come, as they continue to progress.

Li-San loves music of all styles, whether it is classical, jazz or contemporary, and enjoys teaching any student who is eager to learn and improve their skills. Sheis a friendly, patient, and committed teacher who cares about the progress of each of her students. One of Li-San's greatest joys in her work is seeing the smile on a student's face when they finally master a piece, finish a book or pass an exam with flying colours. Li-San also finds satisfaction in correcting or improving piano technique, re-sparking interest in piano playing, and strengthening the weak areas of a student's musicianship, as she has had experience teaching students who have transferred from other teachers due to problems or lack of interest in music with a previous teacher. 

As a teacher concerned with proper technique, Li-San will show her students the most efficient way to practice and use their hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders in a relaxed manner. Li-San also recognises the importance of integrating theory knowledge and technical work with the repertoire learnt so that the student understands the music better, and can perform it more expressively and easily. Li-San has helped many students achieve wonderful results in both written and practical exams, ranging from the Preliminary Grade up to the Licentiate Diploma level.

Li-San is an accredited teacher by the Music Teacher's Association of NSW, Australia. Her qualifications from Sydney include Bachelor of Arts in Communicationsfrom UTS, the Associate Diploma of Music (Piano) from AMEB and the Graduate Diploma of Music (Classical Performance - Piano) with Distinction, from the Australian Institute of Music. Li-San has also completed Grade 7 Musicianship with an Honours result. She recently completed her Ph.D in Music at The University of New South Wales (UNSW). Her doctoral thesis focuses on the use of tempo and rubato (aspects of rhythm) by eminent early twentieth century and modern pianists in Chopin's piano music.

As a pianist, Li-San has won various music awards, including 1st and 2nd prizes at Sydney eisteddfods such as Parramatta Eisteddfod, Castle Hill Festival of Performing Arts, Ryde Eisteddod, Galston Eisteddfod and the McDonald'sPerforming Arts Challenge.Li-San has also worked as an accompanist in Sydney for HSC and AMEB exams.

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