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Advanced Product Management

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Get The Art of Strategy, Product Discovery and Lean Product Management with a 25% discount.

Take your product management skills to the next level with the Advanced Product Management bundle. This exclusive collection includes three of my top-rated books on advanced product management topics.

Whether you're an experienced product manager looking to stay ahead of the curve or you're a new professional seeking to build a strong foundation in the field, this bundle has something for you. These books provide practical guidance, real-world examples, and expert insights on how to succeed in product management.

And the best part? You can get all three books in this bundle at a discounted price of 25% off. Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your product management skills and boost your career.

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About the Books

Lean Product Management

How to develop successful digital products
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With this book I want to make life easier for Product Owners and Product Managers by bringing to them guides and practical advice based on modern Lean Product Management techniques.

Based on our own experience we know Lean Startup can be of great help to modern Product Management, however many Product Managers struggle to figure out how to put in practice in their context such powerful principles and techniques.

Product Discovery

Outlearn Competition
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The purpose of product discovery is to outlearn your competition.

With this book I want to help you getting started with product discovery at your organization.

Most people get excited when they first hear about our Product Discovery framework and are eager to try it. But the framework is the least important thing, what really matters is the mentality of the people around the product team.

Experience tells us that most companies struggle to put into practice these powerful principles and techniques in their context.

That’s the reason we developed the FAST method for effectively introducing Product Discovery in organizations.

This book is meant for companies developing software-based products or using software as an enabler of their product or service: market-facing B2B or B2C digital products and services, software products for internal use or embedded software.

The Art of Strategy

Learning to See
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    In preparation for our upcoming book on Product Strategy we have decided to launch this book to explain what strategy is and why is so important right now.

    Strategy crafting in most organizations nowadays is still a wishful thinking process. We believe that strategy formulation can be significantly improved.

    To this extent we wrote this book with the purpose of showing you what a bad strategy looks like, provide you with our decalogue of a good strategy and some useful tools and real-world examples.

    The goal of good strategy is to fundamentally reinvent the existing competitive space or invent an entirely new competitive space in ways that delight customers and discourage competitors. Sustainable and profitable growth is the product of anticipation. In turn, in order to be able to anticipate you must learn to see.

    The future does not belong to those who own a crystal ball, but to those who are willing to challenge the boundaries, assumptions and constraints of their industries and markets.

    The goal is not to predict the future and make a plan to achieve it, but to imagine a future made possible by changes in technology, lifestyle, work style, regulation, global geopolitics and so on and iteratively and incrementally build capabilities and exploit opportunities as future unfolds.

    This book and the next that will follow start with a fundamental premise based on our observation of the business world in last 20 years: we reached the limits of operational effectiveness. Business agility is no longer a strategic advantage, if it ever was. Getting a product to market faster, improving quality and responding to market changes quickly is not enough.

    Pursuing incremental advantages while competitors are fundamentally reinventing the business landscape is not very wise.

    On the other hand, doing the wrong thing very fast and nimble will send your business over the cliff.

    This book is not about survival or resilience, instead we want you to think about growth and getting ahead.

    Many companies have already done much of the hard work of catching up on cost, quality, speed, and flexibility. Now they are turning their attention to growth.

    This book is about strategy. The intelligent adaptation over an extended period of time in the face of discouraging uncertainty. The domain of entrepreneurs not planners.

    The book begins with the seven capital sins of strategy, where we explain the main mistakes many companies make when defining their strategies.

    From there we jump into the second chapter, where we describe the decalogue of a good strategy. We explore every point of the decalogue with great detail and provide examples so you can grasp the concepts and put them into practice in your context.

    Afterwards we provide you with a catalog of the main strategic design tools for the modern company, and we finish the guide with a strategy assessment that you can use to evaluate your company’s strategic capabilities.

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