Aura Framework v2
Aura Framework v2
Aura Framework v2

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Last updated on 2016-11-01

About the Book

Aura framework is built on top of aura libraries. It uses monolog a psr-3 logger for logging. The libraries are standalone and can be used in any codebase. If you are looking for specific library documentation visit the library hosted at github or aura website and choose from v1 or v2 packages.

The book concentrates on aura framework version 2 and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

In due course if you feel something is missing or can be improved, feel free to open issues or contribute to the project hosted in github.

About the Authors

Hari K T
Hari K T

Freelance PHP developer, husband, open-source lover and contributor aura project. Speaker at osidays 2012, technical reviewer Packt publishers, occassionally writes at sitepoint,

Paul M. Jones
Paul M. Jones

Paul M. Jones is an internationally recognized PHP expert who has worked as everything from junior developer to VP of Engineering in all kinds of organizations (corporate, military, non-profit, educational, medical, and others). Paul's latest open-source project is Aura for PHP. Among his other accomplishments, Paul is the lead developer of the Solar Framework, and the creator of the Savant template system. He has authored a series of authoritative benchmarks on dynamic framework performance, and was a founding contributor to the Zend Framework (the DB, DB_Table, and View components). Paul is a voting member of the PHP Framework Interoperability Group, where he shepherded the PSR-1 and PSR-2 recommendations, and was the primary author on the PSR-4 autoloader recommendation. He was also a member of the Zend PHP 5.3 Certification education advisory board. He blogs at In a previous career, Paul was an operations intelligence specialist for the US Air Force, and enjoys putting .308 holes in targets at 400 yards.

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