Arka Kapı Magazine Issue - 2
Arka Kapı Magazine Issue - 2
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Arka Kapı Magazine Issue - 2

Last updated on 2018-11-23

About the Book

The cybersecurity sector borrows many terms from the military jargon because believe it or not, this is an ongoing war. Sometimes the atmosphere is more mischievous than the Cold War, and sometimes it’s far more hot and effective than the battlefield. 

One of the commonly used terminologies adapted from the war zone to cybersecurity was the Red Team concept. In military strategies, Red Team methodology stands for pretending to be the hostile forces to model out the worst scenario and measure the durability of the friendly forces.

The attackers are always a step ahead. So Red Teaming allows the course of the battle to have a drastic change. Just like the microbes vaccinated into the body to defend against illnesses, thinking like the enemy helps build a stronger defense.

This is why the concept of Red Team has been very popular in the past few years in cybersecurity. Instead of playing devil’s advocate, you have to think like the devil to discover the most evil plans and test them on the system

About the Author

Arka Kapi Magazine
Arka Kapi Magazine

Bimonthly Cybersecurity Magazine

Table of Contents

* Cyber Security Conferences - Ayşenur Burak

* WiPi Hunter Detecting - Besim Altınok

* Web Application Firewall (WAF) Bypassing Methods - Ulaş Fırat Özdemir

* Taking Control of Admin Account on Active Directory using the DCC - Girayhan Menekay

* Dynamic Host Configuration to Root - Barkın Kılıç

* Offensive Touch to Defensive World - Halil Dalabasmaz

* Simone Margaritelli Interview - Utku Şen

* Denial of Service - Bener Kaya

* A Young Hacker in the Corridors of a Holding at Midnight - Yusuf Şahin

* Revolutionary Blockchain Technology - Mustafa Yalçın

* How I hacked into a college’s website! - Aditya Anand

* Meltdown, Spectre and Foreshadow - Chris Stephenson

* The Dangers of Wireless Networks - Besim Altınok

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