Aremac Power
Aremac Power
Aremac Power

Last updated on 2014-05-04

About the Book

Marna has a PhD in theoretical physics. So does Tess. Marna is unhappy because nobody will pay attention to her theory of quantum displacement. Tess is unhappy because everybody is paying attention to her husband's reverse camera, Aremac. Half the FBI thinks Roger has the answer to the terrorism problem. The other half thinks he's a terrorist.

 Marna husband, Karl, a talented painter, is an alcoholic, and never paints anything. Roger rarely drinks, but invents everything.

Aremac threatens to overturn the world of jurisprudence, because it can project pictures from inside the human brain. Police use Aremac to free the innocent and convict the guilty. Marna's theory imperils the entire human economic system by offering perpetual power at virtually zero cost.

The entire world wants control over these inventions. They will go to any length to get them, but first they would have to defeat Tess and Marna's team of geniuses.

Reviewer Mike Shepherd,  author of the Kris Longknife series said: "A gripping story ripped from tomorrow's headlines.  A great cast of characters, not one of them afraid to be smart ... and with 'tude to spare.  A fun read as a familiar name in books takes a swing at the novel ... and scores a home run!"

 Peter Sykes, in Sci-Fi Lists, added: "Computer hall of famer Jerry Weinberg proves a natural at writing sci-fi in this breakneck techno-thriller. The FBI gets interested when grad students Tess Myers and the nerdy but somewhat brilliant Roger Fixman develop a machine that can take snapshots of memories. With double-dealing agents, atypical terrorists and a dash of humor Weinberg's proficiency in physics and communication sciences comes to the fore. As with all good thrillers readers are kept guessing for a while until it comes time to sit back, hold on and enjoy the final run home.


About the Author

Gerald M. Weinberg
Gerald Weinberg

I've always been interested in helping smart people be happy and productive. To that end, I've published books on human behavior, including Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method, The Psychology of Computer Programming, Perfect Software and Other Fallacies, and an Introduction to General Systems Thinking. I've also written books on leadership including Becoming a Technical Leader, The Secrets of Consulting (Foreword by Virginia Satir), More Secrets of Consulting, and the nine-volume Quality Software series.

I try to incorporate my knowledge of science, engineering, and human behavior into all of my writing and consulting work (with writers, hi-tech researchers, software engineers, and people whose life-situation could require the use of a service dog). I write novels about such people, including The Aremac Project, Aremac Power, Jigglers, First Stringers, Second Stringers, The Hands of God, Freshman Murders, Where There's a Will There's a Murder, Earth's Endless Effort, and Mistress of Molecules—all about how my brilliant protagonists produce quality work and learn to be happy. My books that are not yet on Leanpub may be found as eBooks at <>; on Amazon at; and at Barnes and Noble bookstore:

Early in my career, I was the architect for the Project Mercury's space tracking network and designer of the world's first multiprogrammed operating system. I won the Warnier Prize, the Stevens Award, and the first Software Testing Professionals' Luminary Award, all for my writing on software quality. I was also elected a charter member of the Computing Hall of Fame in San Diego and chosen for the University of Nebraska Hall of Fame.

But the "award" I'm most proud of is the book, The Gift of Time (Fiona Charles, ed.) written by my student and readers for my 75th birthday. Their stories make me feel that I've been at least partially successful at helping smart people be happy.

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